Trulieve Indica LA Confidential is a cross between two well-liked indica strains: Afghani (Afg) and OG LA Affie (Ola).

Many sufferers state that though that is an indica, it feels extra like a hybrid as a result of it presents a number of ranges of reduction.

Sufferers report that LA Confidential alleviates bodily ache and that their psychological state improves. It’s useful for the therapy of stress and melancholy.

The euphoric impact generally is a bit intense for brand new cannabis sufferers, so ease into consumption. LA Confidential is a pleasant stability of physique and head excessive, however this isn’t for everybody. Some sufferers really choose to make use of this after work because it helps them ease into their rest time.

LA Confidential tastes of woods and earth, blended with pungent pine.

In case you are concerned with Trulieve Indica LA Confidential, strive Trulieve Indica Do-Si-Dos.

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