State Senator Suggests Most cancers Sufferers Ought to Get Marijuana From Black Market



Alabama State Senator Jim McClendon (R) was not too long ago on a radio program in Birmingham for an interview, throughout which he recommended that most cancers sufferers actually didn’t want medical marijuana as a result of they’ll simply get it on the streets. From

“Effectively, let me provide the counter to that,” McClendon mentioned. “Effectively if there’s somebody that wants it, let’s say there’s somebody doing the most cancers therapy, they’ve nausea issues they usually want one thing to regulate it, they’ll get it!”

Andrea Lindenberg then requested if meaning they’ll get it legally within the state to which McClendon merely replied with a flat “no”.

The floored hosts identified that beneath McClendon’s resolution, he would flip most cancers sufferers “into criminals.”

McClendon didn’t appear involved. “They’re most likely not too nervous about that.”

In fact, I might go on and on in regards to the abject ignorance of that thought course of, however in the long run I don’t suppose the ignorance is the first subject.

The issue is that individuals like this are making choices in regards to the legality of medical marijuana for folks they may by no means meet. It’s good to suppose that if we simply get smarter folks or extra compassionate folks in workplace that the system will someway miraculously work. An in-depth research of the historical past of politics will disabuse nearly anybody of this notion.

Regardless of how sensible they’re or what number of votes they get, no individual ought to be capable of inform others what to do so long as these others will not be infringing on the rights of anybody. The choice of whether or not or to not use medical marijuana ought to solely belong to the grownup who’s deciding. You may seek the advice of with medical doctors and family and friends and even the Web. However in the long run, the choice and its penalties lie with the person making mentioned resolution.

If a most cancers affected person will get medical marijuana from a authorized dispensary or some man on the road, it on no account impacts Jim McClendon – so why is he concerned within the resolution? Why are his ideas on the matter essential, ignorant or not?

Look, I get it. It’s simpler if folks in authorities make most of our choices for us – what medication to take, what payments to pay, what colleges to go to, and so forth. However whenever you hand over the decision-making potential in your life to folks you don’t know and who don’t face the implications of these choices, you have got solely your self in charge once they train that energy, in all of its ignorant glory.


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