Is Vegan Weed Price Your Time?


Pricey Stoner: A dispensary I used to be at claimed it had vegan weed, and mentioned that many of the weed I smoked wasn’t. Am I breaking my vegan vows after I smoke?

Pricey Gail: I assume that relies on how far you wish to take your vegan mantra, although going a lot additional would possibly severely restrict your weight loss plan greater than it already has (and kill most of your alternatives to strive magic mushrooms). Hashish, like many crops, positive factors vitamins from manure or different fertilizer made with animal excrement, notably bat guano, which is widespread amongst industrial and residential growers alike.

Just a few dispensaries have tried to market their cannabis grown with none feces-based fertilizer as “vegan,” nevertheless it seems like a gimmick. I’m an omnivore, although, so don’t heed my moral consuming recommendation.


Some vegans wish to know what sort of fertilizer is used on the pot they purchase.

Jacqueline Collins

Nonetheless, most of my vegan pals and colleagues and the dialogue boards I’ve checked out assume that animal fertilizer is okay, as all animals need to go in some unspecified time in the future — however there are vegans on the market who imagine in any other case and don’t just like the considered manure or bat shit getting used to develop their meals and weed. Perhaps a typical floor is of course or humanely foraged shit from free-range cows and bats? Undecided the way you’d look that up, although.

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