The deputies then claim the man, James Myron Mitchell, became “combative” which in police terminology, can imply something from questioning an arrest to in fact becoming combative but typically just implies they had been the ones that became combative.

In this case, the police definition of combative is to squeeze and grab a man’s crotch repeatedly till he flinches in discomfort and protests, which is when they take him down and beat him off camera for 4 minutes.

Soon after the beating, they lift him back up onto the hood and hold him down although 1 of them removes his pants and probes his anal cavity as automobiles whiz by and the handcuffed lady driver watches.

The deputies claim their efforts paid off for the reason that they discovered 1.six grams of crack cocaine in addition to the bag of weed which likely has a combined street worth of significantly less than $100. Study complete story.