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We adore getting a component of the thriving neighborhood of Bremerton, WA, a physically stunning and historically considerable city in the higher Puget Sound area. Ahead of it became the United States Navy’s premier shipyard in the Pacific Northwest, the region currently had a lengthy and wealthy history as component of the territory of the neighborhood Suquamish tribe.

These days, we owe a lot of our understanding about the region to the diligent historians of the Kitsap County Historical Society Museum (web page right here). The Museum is a tribute to the story of the area, and what’s far more its ongoing events and presentations serve to give essential subjects a public forum.

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It is nicely worth a specific pay a visit to (on prime of an additional terrific explanation to pay a visit to Bremerton). Let’s dive into its story and share just a taste of what tends to make Bremerton so specific!

Kitsap County Historical Society Museum: Early Regional History

For numerous early Americans, the Pacific Northwest represented the final frontier on the route to a unified nation, but it is essential to don’t forget that the region was currently populated when Captain George Vancouver, an English naval officer, visited and charted the area involving 1791 and 1795. The dominant tribe right here have been named the Suquamish, and you will recognize some of its prominent leaders by name: Vancouver met Kitsap, a Suquamish war chief, in 1791. At that time, a future chief named “Seattle” was roughly five years old.

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The Kitsap County Historical Society Museum includes numerous artifacts from the days when the Suquamish have been the only game in town, such as early tools, baskets and other implements crucial to the Suquamish peoples’ pre-industrial life style. But it is closer to the turn of the 20th century when Bremerton’s story truly kicked into higher gear.

Kitsap County Historical Society Museum: The Golden Age of Logging and Shipping

For the initially handful of decades of white settlement, fur trapping and logging have been the dominant industries, and the Museum does a splendid job in evoking the spirit and really feel of the time with artifacts, interactive exhibits, and dense historical records. You will locate the extremely very same tools applied by loggers and woodsmen, and wonder at the intensely difficult—and dangerous—work necessary to bring huge timber to the market place.

This was also the time Bremerton took on immense significance as the Navy’s premier shipyard in the area, starting with the Navy’s buy of waterfront acreage in 1891. A decade later, the town of Bremerton was officially incorporated, but that is possibly exactly where its troubles started.

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You could possibly locate it tough to picture currently, but Bremerton boasted a extremely “Wild West” really feel. According to official reports from naval commanders, the Bremerton waterfront was rife with prostitution, opium dens, and frequent robberies and assaults upon sailors, and the Navy responded by halting all perform at the shipyard. As soon as the city’s initially mayor, Alvyn Croxton, temporarily shuttered the town’s saloons, the Navy relented and the city’s future was after once more safe. Quickly Bremerton would develop into the powerhouse of naval market it remains to this day.

There’s a lot far more to the story, of course, and you can locate it all at the Kitsap County Historical Society Museum. Housed in a historic 1950s Deco creating, the Museum is a uncommon blend of deep history and genuine exciting. For younger guests, the creating also homes the Valentinetti Puppet Museum.

Right after filling your brain with neighborhood history, do not neglect to quit by your favored Bremerton dispensary!


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