Lisette Barajas on Healing Herself Via Henna and Marijuana


Cannabis encourages us to express our vulnerabilities. For these of us, who, by way of trauma and discomfort, have hidden from ourselves and the planet, the plant has encouraged us to dive deep into ourselves and heal the discomfort that we’ve run from most of our lives. When Lisette Barajas, superior identified as Mehndi420 on Instagram, very first began smoking in 2009, she didn’t know that the plant would aid her heal from childhood sexual assault and let her space to find out her passion for art therapy by way of henna.

“Unfortunately, I was sexually molested by my neighbor when I was five-years-old,” Barajas shared with Higher Instances. “That expertise produced a lot of shame and confusion.”

Courtesy of Lisette Barajas

When she was younger, Barajas attended therapy but it was to address the domestic violence concerns she was experiencing at household. “I under no circumstances addressed the molestation for the reason that my brain produced a defense mechanism identified as childhood amnesia,” she stated.  

In 2009 whilst functioning on getting her Bachelor of Arts in Social Function from California State University, Los Angeles, Baraja’s started to use cannabis recreationally. About this time she was also taking a sociology course, which forced her to accept that her molestation was true. 

“Although I began employing cannabis recreationally, it transcended into a thing far more than that. Via cannabis, I have been capable to cope with and procedure childhood trauma.” she stated. “Smoking helped me deal with some of the feelings and triggers that come with functioning by way of abuse. I decided to come to be a social worker and now [I’m] transitioning into [art] therapy for the reason that of my lived expertise.”

Courtesy of Lisette Barajas

It wasn’t till 2018 when cannabis became legal in California that Barajas started to take her henna hobby seriously and design and style cannabis motifs.  

“I have generally doodled and loved to draw on myself. Henna permitted me to do just that minus the toxic chemical substances of a [marker]. I very first started by creating my personal paste, then I practiced components, then [I] created my personal design and style style. My style is special [because] I use the cannabis leaf as a motif and that is not prevalent in the henna neighborhood,” stated Barajas. “I started to apply henna styles with paint onto my private smoking accessories. I began with a lighter, then a bubbler, and now I’m performing bongs.” 

She hopes that her operate will aid break the stigma of the plant and usher in far more feminine power into an market that is heavily dominated by guys. The cannabis market is a boys club, and artists like Barajas want to shift the aesthetic to a single that celebrates the feminine power of the plant and the ladies who also indulge in marijuana’s goodness. 

“The [cannabis] market is heavily dominated by guys. Due to this, a lot of smoking accessories are not pretty attractive, some even appear like penises. I want to smoke out of a piece that is fairly and that tends to make me really feel excellent. Most pipes and bongs are just for function, and I want function and aesthetic,” she shared with Higher Instances

Scrolling by way of her Instagram you will see her feminine styles grace the curves of bongs and ladies.  “I want to feminize the cannabis market and make it far more female-friendly. Irrespective of whether that be by way of designing bongs or performing lingerie-style henna on influencers. I want to bring out the creativity that cannabis inspires in ladies,” she wrote more than e mail. 

Via her partnership with cannabis, Barajas has come to be conscious of herself in so lots of strategies. Her henna styles exemplify so considerably. She makes use of the classic henna art type on cannabis accessories to illustrate how, if we all continue to search, we can locate several strategies to discover our vulnerabilities and heal our pains.

Courtesy of Lisette Barajas

Cannabis has helped me cope with the triggers that come with abuse. It has helped me loosen up and reflect on my trauma, therefore assisting me connect with other individuals with equivalent expertise,” shares Barajas. “Combining cannabis and henna to practice mindful meditation by way of art therapy has helped me heal and I want to share that with other individuals.”

She is preparing to go back and get her masters in Art Therapy, and she plans to incorporate all types of cannabis and plant medicine into her her future operate. At the moment, she is functioning on collaborations with MAV Glass and Functional China.


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