Wet Trimming or Dry Trimming


Wet Trimming or Dry Trimming – Which is Superior?

When it comes to increasing cannabis there are so numerous components to take into account it can be fairly daunting. That is why I’m attempting to break down particular elements into uncomplicated to digest content material pieces. Right now we’ll be speaking about trimming.


When you have gone by way of the time and work to develop your cannabis plant, you will sooner or later strategy harvest time. When you harvest, you will have a number of choices to take into account. Mostly, whether or not or not to Dry trim or to Wet Trim.


But what’s the distinction?


Effectively, Wet trimming, as the name suggests, is when you trim your buds when the plant is nonetheless moist. There are a number of rewards to performing this and it can be far easier for novice growers to get started with this strategy.


Dry trimming on the other hand happens only right after you have “dried out your plants”, roughly 10-14 days afterwards. As with any strategy, it has pros and cons. We will be taking a deeper dive into every of them permitting you to make an informed choice whether or not you want to Wet or Dry trim.


Pros and Cons of Wet Trimming


Wet trimming happens proper right after harvest. In this state, the plant nonetheless has a lot of moisture, the resin is sticky and personally, I come across it much easier to handle. You will need to have to use some latex gloves and prepare the trim beforehand.


For instance, getting some alcohol wipes on hand will be vital when your scissors get so covered in resin that it can get stuck. I personally like to wet trim due to the fact it supplies me with “live resin”, which when smoked can get you completely blitzed.


Furthermore, wet trimming reduces the quantity of space necessary for curing, as you will be removing excess fan leaf and sugar leaf. It will also speed up the drying procedure considerably considering the fact that there is significantly less plant matter to be concerned about.


Lastly, wet trimming preserves (in my opinion) extra trichomes, permitting your buds to have extra when you smoke.


On the downside nonetheless, Wet trimming is a sticky mess. You will need to have to be ready to clean your tools and probably put on gloves all through the procedure. It can take a bit longer due to the fact of the frequent cleaning breaks you’d need to have to do.


Furthermore, based on the size of your harvest, it could be also substantially perform for one particular day. For your common residence grower this shouldn’t be a trouble at all, but nonetheless count on to invest a day performing this.


Dry Trimming Pros and Cons


The subsequent approach happens roughly 10-14 days right after you are completed harvesting. You would have dried up the plants to the point exactly where the branches snap, but do not break off. This is the excellent state to get started trimming if you opt in for Dry trimming.


Dry trimming is far significantly less sticky than wet trimming. When you dry out your plants devoid of trimming them, it may possibly take longer for the plant to dry out. If you reside in a dry arid location, this may possibly be the very best solution for you.


The trichomes will also be dryer, which means that it will not stick as substantially to your tools and hands. Having said that, due to the fact they are dryer and extra brittle, it could also translate into a loss of trichomes.


In this case, it is generally great to trim on a screen, permitting the excess trichomes to be caught that can sooner or later be turned into hash or anything comparable.


Dry trimming also indicates that you will need to have to have extra space to dry out your crops as it will have extra plant matter than with a wet trim.


What I do


Personally, I like to do a mixture of each tactics. Firstly, just before harvesting I cease watering the plants for a week to ten days. This permits the plant to dry somewhat in the soil itself. When it is prepared for harvest, I get started with a common wet trim.


In this initial trim, I’m only definitely removing fan leaves and prominent sugar leaves. I will not go also detailed in this procedure, just adequate to get rid of the majority of the excess plant matter so I can speed up the drying procedure by a couple of days.


The Wet Trim provides me a good tiny present (reside resin) which is a delight to smoke.


When the plant has been dried adequate (when the stems snap, but do not break off), I go by way of the procedure when extra and get rid of all the undesirable leaf in the buds.


 I trim on a screen to catch any of the trichomes that fall off the bud for later use. When I’ve trimmed the plant to a point exactly where I like it, I then jar it for the curing stage which requires roughly 7-14 days to total.

So how do you trim, do you like it dry or do you like it wet? Let me know in the comment section.










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