What Is Shatter and How to Use It


For cannabis customers, there are several methods of legally enjoying their treat – something from tinctures to edibles to hash oils. But when in a even though, every single cannabis enthusiast need to attempt a concentrate.

Concentrates could possibly be compacted into smaller sizes but they have some of the highest THC levels for a rapid, extended-lasting impact. Some concentrates are so loaded with THC that they are truly stronger than most cannabis strains.

You can’t speak about concentrates without having mentioning shatter, 1 of the most well known of these concentrates. The following guide explains what shatter is and how it is utilized.

What is shatter

It is a really hard, yellow substance that appears like a sheet of cheese. Shatter has holes and cracks like glass. It is loaded with a higher dose of THC, generating it a potent solution. Shatter is derived from the cannabis plant when cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from the plant in a solvent-primarily based approach.

Even though most weed strains have 15-20% of THC content material, shatter has more than 70%. Provided its potency, most folks opt for shatter as an alternative of other weed merchandise. Shatter can be broken into smaller pieces and can be smoked, dabbed or vaped.

How to use shatter

Like with any other cannabis solution, there are several methods of working with and consuming shatter. For a get started, you can break it with your fingers or burn it. Basically, you require to break it up into smaller pieces for ease of use.

Most customers take into account a dab rig to be 1 of the most enjoyable solutions of working with shatter. A dab rig appears like a bong, total with a metal nail and a blow torch. All you require to do is to spot some of the shatter on the nail and burn it working with the blow torch. Inhale to get a speedy setting higher that lasts for a extended time.

Shatter can also be utilized in a vape pen or vaporizer. You will require to verify no matter if the vaporizer you are working with is created for concentrates due to the fact it is not supported by all kinds and models.

The approach is easy: basically spot the shatter in the chamber, press the button to heat it up, then inhale the vapour. When working with shatter on a vaporizer, you need to consider of adding some weed as shatter on its personal does not burn effectively.

Exactly where to obtain shatter

Most weed shops across Canada stock shatter, so you can obtain some at your nearest retailer or you can obtain shatter on the web at HighClub. HighClub is 1 of the ideal shatter retailers with a wealthy list of various strains of shatter.

Right here are some of the leading shatters that you can verify out:

  • Factory 710 Pineapple Shatter, a highly effective solution with higher levels of THC designed to give you a stimulating really feel.

Options to shatter

Shatter could possibly be 1 of the most potent concentrates out there — but there are options. Right here are some options to shatter that are worth your time.

Hash: It is created of compressed resin derived from the cannabis plant. It is sold as a brick that can be shattered to be utilized in a dab rig, vaporizer or in a joint.

Edibles: Some of the cannabis edibles out there are so potent that they can give you a stronger higher than that of a shatter. As soon as you have eaten an edible, it is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, a potent kind that has intense effects. An additional point with edibles is that they take longer for the effects to kick in, but when they do, the effects final for hours.

Flowers: if concentrates are not your point and you favor weed as an alternative, you can nevertheless appreciate flower. There are several strains of flowers out there. They could possibly not give you an intense higher in the way that concentrates do but they are nevertheless incredibly enjoyable.


For everyone searching for robust effects from cannabis, shatter is 1 of the ideal alternatives. It has higher THC-levels that give extended-lasting and stimulating highs. Most folks use it for recreational purposes but it is also an productive discomfort reliever. It also lessens the symptoms of inflammation, tension, and other situations.


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