This is not a moral concern, but 1 of security and liability.

We’ve had a key uptick not too long ago of people today asking for “plugs”, and off and on we get random people today (typically with zero indication of exactly where they are primarily based) posting WhatsApp numbers and providing weed offers, and in some instances challenging drugs as effectively.

For 1 point, if this sub turns into “exactly where to obtain out exactly where to purchase weed illegally” all it requires is a news station to do an exposé and Reddit could ban us.

Also if we let people today do illegal commerce right here, inevitably some people today are going to get ripped off, and at worst somebody could get jumped and robbed if they meet up with somebody locally, with way significantly less capacity to go to the cops then if they’d been promoting a motorcycle or guitar or a thing.

I would recommend we add a rule saying that people today can not promote or request plugs, and delete any post providing or asking. Thoughts?