three Factors You Really should Know About THC Percentages


Let’s take a moment to speak about THC. It is frequently recognized that THC is the compound accountable for the psychotropic effects of cannabis and is the principal cause for the reputation of cannabis now. In order to compete in the industry, growers have spent the previous various decades selectively breeding cannabis to prioritize greater and greater concentrations of THC.

Current study and a lot of anecdotal proof shows that the shape and excellent of your higher are largely determined by various other organic compounds that are present in each and every exclusive strain. While we know this to be accurate, customer perception has not caught up, and a lot of nonetheless believe that the greater the THC percentage the improved the weed. We are all for celebrating THC, but right here are some causes why it does not make sense to use it as a excellent indicator when purchasing for cannabis.

1. A single bud represents a 5lb lot.

For each and every five-pound lot of a offered strain a grower harvests, only a single gram is necessary for LCB-mandated testing. Why do not we believe a single bud is a fantastic representation for the remainder of the lot that make it to the shelves? For the reason that cannabis is an agricultural item! The THC density of any two flowers on the very same plant is probably to differ. The flowers toward the top rated of the plant that have additional access to light might test greater than flowers that develop closer to the bottom. Out of the whole lot, growers are probably to pick a sample nugget to send to the lab that they think consists of the highest concentration of THC. The test final results of that nug are employed to label ALL the other nugs inside the lot.

two. Marketplace incentives for obtaining the highest THC % can encourage dishonest testing.

There’s a misconception amongst shoppers that the weed with the highest THC percentage will generate the greatest higher and that reduce testing THC strains are not as important. With consumers’ fixation on getting flower with the highest THC percentages, it creates an incentive for growers and processors to meet that demand.  As a outcome (and as substantially as it tends to make us cringe), in some situations, it can drive dishonest practices in lab testing. There’s absolutely nothing stopping a grower from dusting their sample nugget with kief just before sending it off to be tested. On top rated of that, labs have gotten into problems for accepting monetary bribes to “boost” the final results in favor of the highest THC potency. Given that competitors for business enterprise amongst labs also exists, and they know that growers are additional probably to return to the labs that give their flower the most favorable test final results, it creates an incentive in some instances for technicians to “put a thumb on the scale” so to speak.

three. Other molecules play a big part in figuring out the character of the higher.

Have you ever attempted two strains with the precise very same quantity of THC but have absolutely distinctive effects? We undoubtedly have! There are a quantity of other organic compounds in the cannabis plant that play a big part in the way our bodies really feel after consumed. Other cannabinoids and terpenes in different concentrations and combinations are what make a strain energizing and focused vs trippy and spaced, or chatty and munchy, or a range of other feasible impact profiles.  Study our post Why Terpenes Matter  and There’s Much more to Cannabis than THC to discover additional!

At Dockside, we guarantee to supply the highest-excellent, most fragrant, most scrumptious, most-ethically made cannabis we can obtain in the state of Washington. We decide on to operate with growers who respect the plant and make accountable, sustainable alternatives each with their item and in their communities.


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