Clear Decision Vendor Spotlight: Refine Extracts


We adore the old-fashioned thrill of crumbling fresh and fragrant flower into a pipe as considerably as the subsequent budtender, but one particular of the most thrilling elements of becoming in the cannabis sector is discovering how cutting-edge science and technologies are taking this actually ancient plant medicine to the subsequent level. It is no exaggeration to say that, thanks to them, today’s cannabis connoisseurs have access to flavors, aromas, and experiences that the stoners of yesterday could only have dreamt of.

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That is why we want to shine a spotlight on Seattle’s Refine, a quite unique organization creating some of the most potent, flavorful and thrilling extracts we’ve ever attempted. Their higher-tech (no pun intended) merchandise like Loud Resin are an intriguing and normally-well-liked addition to the classic and exotic flower, tinctures and edibles we stock our shelves with.

Refine: Unlocking the Secrets of the Cannabis Plant

Cannabis concentrates have been developing in reputation for decades as we’ve written ahead of, dabs are just the tip of the iceberg. But what’s changed in the final handful of years is a concentrate on extracting the purest, most flavorful and terpene-wealthy concentrates feasible. That requires a lot of how-know and a powerful scientific grounding. Refine brings each of these and much more to the table with their flagship Loud Resin supplying, a “live resin” powerhouse of pure, unadulterated flavor.

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Reside resins are a class of extracts created from frozen fresh—as opposed to dried—cannabis. Why? When drying tends to make cannabis appropriate for smoking or vaping, it tends to diminish the flower’s all round terpene content material. By performing the extraction below really cold situations (commonly under 120 degrees!), the resin maintains a much more comprehensive profile of delicate, flavorful terpenes. The outcome is an pretty much shockingly wealthy and flavorful cannabis encounter: The complete spectrum of the plant’s terpenes expressed in a potent, concentrated (and very scrumptious) supplying.

When some companies reintroduce terpenes to their extracts, Refine tends to shy away from this practice (with the exception of their Refine Activated Distillate item line, a translucent oil containing up to 99% cannabinoid content material). That stated, we’ve attempted some phenomenal merchandise containing reintroduced terpenes at the finish of the day, it seriously comes down to a matter of taste!

Some Preferred Refine Merchandise

We’re excited to be capable to offer you Refine merchandise for you to attempt. As normally, verify our reside menu ahead of heading down to the dispensary, as our stock alterations at a moment’s notice!

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Ice Cream Cake

With genetics deriving from Wedding Cake and the white-hot Gelato strains, this extract is a complete-bodied powerhouse with powerful kush-like funky flavor and almost trippy, complete-physique effects.

Dread Bread

A almost balanced indica-to-sativa hybrid, this comparatively uncommon strain is noted for its unusually pungent flavor and extended-lasting effects. Appear for noticeable uplift, power and inventive stimulation coupled with a soft and relaxing physique higher. (Can you inform it is one particular of our favorites?)

Cookies and Cream

A hybrid created from Starfighter and a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype, this concentrate is noted for a delightfully attractive sweetness. It is effectively-loved by individuals searching to quell daytime symptoms like chronic discomfort and anxiousness, but go simple: Overindulgence has been recognized to lead to an early bedtime!

Prepared to get your hands on some? Then quit by our Tacoma or Bremerton dispensaries—you can even order on the internet correct now.


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