CO: Pueblo County puts larger pot tax on ballot


The proposal to adjust marijuana taxes passed unanimously. The measure — tentatively becoming known as measure 1B — is a restructuring of marijuana taxes that would deliver about $three.five million annually. The measure would raise marijuana sales tax from three.five% to six%, which would align Pueblo County with other prices in the state. It would also hold the current allocations to the scholarship system.

“Obviously there would be an boost in marijuana retail sales tax. Capital infrastructure that have been proposed in 2015 are becoming completed so there has to be a further use for these monies so that is undoubtedly a prospective use,” Ortiz mentioned.

Ortiz mentioned the initially 50% of (marijuana) excise tax dollars are allocated toward scholarships. The second 50% are allocated toward capital infrastructure projects.

Marijuana retail sales tax has been discretionary and will continue to stay discretionary.”

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