DEA Announces Actions to Expand Cannabis Investigation


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Final week, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) announced its program to expand its current marijuana analysis system. According to the August 26th press release by the DEA, pending cannabis production applications will obtain notice with regards to registration, which they anticipate “will enhance the range of marijuana out there for these purposes.”

Lawyer Common William P. Barr has expressed public help of the DEA’s announcement to expand its cannabis analysis system. In a current statement, AG Barr mentioned that he was “pleased that [the] DEA is moving forward with its critique of applications for these who seek to develop marijuana legally to help analysis.” Going on, Barr added, “The Division of Justice will continue to perform with our colleagues at the Division of Wellness and Human Solutions [,] and across the Administration to boost analysis possibilities wherever we can.”

Uttam Dhillon, Acting Administrator for the DEA, had this to say with regards to the program’s expansion: “[The] DEA is generating progress in the system to register extra marijuana growers for federally authorized analysis, and will perform with other relevant federal agencies to expedite the required subsequent actions.” The DEA also intends to propose extra regulations governing the marijuana analysis system that “will assistance guarantee DEA can evaluate the applications below the applicable legal normal and conform the system to relevant laws.”

The Finish of The Approval Freeze

Several of the pending licenses have been awaiting approval given that as early as 2016 according to a current Cannabis Organization Occasions short article, “not a single application has been authorized in the previous 3 years.” Registration with the DEA for marijuana analysis-connected purposes has risen significantly given that 2017, with the quota for cannabis production possessing additional than doubled more than the identical time period.

Marijuana production has enhanced at the University of Mississippi, the only institution federally permitted to generate marijuana for analysis purposes, nevertheless, researchers are publicly questioning the top quality of the cannabis becoming developed and the worth of the analysis derived from it. A single group is even attempting to sue the DEA more than the problem.

In June of this year, along with her colleagues, Dr. Sue Sisley, a researcher at the Scottsdale Investigation Institute (SRI), formally initiated a lawsuit against the DEA, each for ignoring its cultivation license application and more than the poor top quality of the cannabis. The group has been conducting an ongoing study on treating veterans with post-traumatic anxiety disorder (PTSD) applying health-related marijuana, the initial FDA-authorized study of its sort.

The complaint reads, “To comply with federal law, SRI ought to use federally-sourced cannabis, grown exclusively on a single 12-acre farm run by the University of Mississippi. SRI applied this cannabis for its Phase II trials. It arrived in powdered type, tainted with extraneous material like sticks and seeds, and numerous samples had been moldy. What ever factors the government may well have for sanctioning this cannabis and no other, considerations of top quality are not amongst them. It is not suited for any clinical trials, let alone the ones SRI is carrying out. Just place, this cannabis is sub-par.”

In response, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals has ordered the DEA to present an explanation for the delay in application approval and registration. The DEA’s public announcement just final week came just just before the August 28th deadline set by the D.C. Court.


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