DSC_0016 | Cannabis sativa. Not mistaken for Cannabis indica…


Cannabis sativa.

Not mistaken for Cannabis indica which is an illegal drug recognized as marihuana in my nation and is forbidden to cultivate in Hugary. Cannabis sativa is an market plant its fibres are utilised in numerous industrial goods and had been cultivated on a big scale in the earlier century. When a properly recognized professor who is a hemp breeder carried out experiments in hemp breeding which is a extended duration method in order to breed hemp varieties with greater yields and greater qualities. For his experiments he cultivated big locations of hemp. The two species can be quickly mistaken and he was reported to the police as a marihuana grower. His plantation – numerous years of operate – was destroyed and he was arrested by the police.

Cannabis sativa is native in the continental climates whereas marihuana is native to tropical areas and can only be grown in heated hoophouses in the this area.