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You are relaxing at a lounge, smoking a doobie when you notice her across the space. Her complete red lips pucker, pointing the tip of a joint into a flash of fire with specialist precision. A puff of smoke releases out of the corners of her mouth as she draws in a breath, sucking the fire up into a completely shaped cone. Seeming to inhale forever, she lastly requires the joint from her lips, tendrils of smoke dance from her open pout and disappear up her nose. Closing her eyes as she throws her head back in ecstasy, she exhales. A thick cloud of smoke pours out of her as she smiles to herself, tapping the ash at the exact same time….

Did that turn you on? If so, you may possibly just have capnolagnia. This is the term utilised to describe a smoking fetish and think me, it is a point. In reality, capnolagnia can manifest in a quantity of unique techniques and have a quantity of root causes. No matter if it is new to you or completely routine, it is completely typical. Here’s a close appear at the smoking fetish/capnolagnia. 

What precisely is a smoking fetish/capnolagnia?


In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a fetish is defined as “a have to have or want for an object, physique aspect, or activity for sexual excitement”. The information of an person can differ from individual to individual but when it comes to a smoking fetish, there are a couple of typical elements. Frequently, arousal comes from either watching or imagining the act of smoking. Nevertheless, who or what is smoking can entirely differ.

  • It is not uncommon for a individual to grow to be turned on from watching themselves and facilitating this frequently occurs in the mirror or on film. 
  • It is not restricted to oral inhalation. Some individuals are aroused by seeing smoke blown on numerous physique components, such as the genitals or in a person’s face.  

“I was on the web and one particular of the guys asked me to roll a joint, light it and get it going. You know that point girls can do exactly where they suck air in and out down there? He asked me to place the lit joint to my vagina and make it inhale the weed.” – Cam Model Julianne

Blame Tobacco

The 1941 film, “The Maltese Falcon” showed tobacco use on film for the very first time. Displayed in his jacket like an accessory, Humphrey Bogart’s tobacco pouch marks him as challenging and masculine. Efficient in building the image of a man’s man, tobacco use on film has been echoed ever considering that.


For ladies, smoking cigarettes can give off the impression of a rebellious attitude, self-self-confidence and occasionally, the impression of promiscuity. For the sequel to Bridget Jones Diary, Renee Zellweger was needed to smoke. Refusing to use tobacco, the film settled with her employing herbal cigarettes as lengthy as they looked identical to actual ones. According to the film, Bridget Jones had the character of a smoker. So, it is protected to say, as a society, we attach a lot of other notions to the thought of a lady smoking if she is desirable, it can develop a fetish. 


When it comes to a sexual preference or fetish, it is frequently stated that its roots come from childhood. Capnolagnia no unique. At very first glance, it may possibly look a bit uncommon. But, when you appear at the deeper causes, it tends to make a lot of sense. If you have a fetish for smoking or feel you could, have entertaining and know that you are not alone. 

“I did most of my filming in the bathroom. The was a mirror and a fan, plus the lighting was fairly fantastic taking into consideration I necessary to be capable to do my makeup there. Any person who’s into a smoke and a bang should really make use of the bathroom.” – Cam Model Julianne


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