How to Marketplace Your Cannabis Brand on Instagram


Instagram is a minefield for cannabis firms searching to market their brand. The notoriously anti-pot platform, nonetheless, can yield tremendous outcomes for the adept marketer who knows what buttons NOT to push. Instagram promoting is a balance among maximizing the attain of your posts and avoiding promoting to young children or these with the energy to get your web page removed.

In a globe exactly where 37 % of U.S. adults use Instagram, according to a Pew Sector Report, not becoming on the platform can throttle your brand’s development. Fortunately, there are some approaches that most each cannabis company can use to take benefit of Instagram’s worth. Whether or not you are a marijuana influencer, weed advocate, or cannabis manufacturer, figuring out how to traverse by means of Instagram’s marketing guidelines is important.

Instagram Neighborhood Suggestions

Instagram, owned by Facebook, has adopted a comparable policy against cannabis as its parent enterprise. Instagram’s Neighborhood Suggestions prohibits “buying or promoting firearms and illegal or prescription drugs (even if it is legal in your area).” Failure to adhere to these guidelines can get your marijuana web page removed, frequently without having a clear explanation as to why your account was banned.

Instagram does not make it effortless to get your account restored, but there are approaches you can appeal a choice. The finest way to shield your brand is by avoiding finding unfavorable focus in the initially location, but that is not usually effortless to do. Even ancillary corporations can be restricted from making use of the service. Some brands have set up back-up accounts in case of an emergency.

Instagram Marketing and advertising Techniques

In order to break by means of the dreaded algorithm and increase your organic attain, you can use a selection of promoting tactics to attain your audience. Even though you may possibly have to play inside a rigid set of guidelines, there’s extra of an chance to showcase your weed brand’s creativity and character to differentiate oneself from the competitors.


If utilised properly, hashtags can yield even extra engagement on your web page than not making use of them. Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags in a caption or comment. Use all of them, but not indiscriminately. Investigation the hashtags utilised by your audience and analyze the metrics of your posts inside the “View Insights” function. Use a mix of preferred and much less-preferred hashtags to steer clear of finding your content material lost in the litany of posts and enhance the longevity of your content material.

Influencer Marketing and advertising

Cannabis influencer promoting is a quickly expanding promoting tool with untapped prospective for firms and influencers. Federal laws have restricted marijuana businesses’ capability to promote like conventional brands, but influencer promoting permits you to collaborate with cannabis believed leaders who straight engage with your audience. Marijuana influencers can support legitimize your brand by displaying how your item can increase a person’s life-style.


Instagram permits firms to use quick and extended-kind video formats to engage their audience. Presently, if you want to get noticed on Instagram, you have to invest in video promoting. Inform your story by going behind-the-scenes of your grown space or displaying interviews with professionals in the market. Use each video format accessible, which includes reside videos, stories, and IGTV for longer videos, up to 10 minutes extended. Make confident to tag your place and add hashtags to all your stories.

How to Stay clear of Having Removed

Even though there are quite a few promoting techniques to market your brand, there are some tricks of the trade that can support you steer clear of undesirable focus. In order to not get flagged for violating the terms of service, verify out these recommendations and tricks that can shield your marijuana brand.


The probabilities of finding your account flagged enhance if you show a person consuming a cannabis item in your stories, IGTV, or posts. Instagram prohibits displaying illegal substance use. You may possibly see other brands post stories that show cannabis consumption, but they’re walking a tightrope. Alternatively, concentrate on life-style content material that can inspire your audience.

Private Pages

Maintaining your web page on private prevents it from displaying up on the platform’s “explore web page.” Even though you will limit the possibility of your account becoming found on accident, you are also limiting access to young children or folks who may possibly flag your cannabis content material. Private pages let you vet your followers albeit, this may possibly develop into time-consuming. A private web page attracts only these who purposefully want to comply with you.


Instagram prohibits the sale of illegal merchandise which includes cannabis, even if it is legal in your state or jurisdiction. Cannabis corporations can not sell weed merchandise on-line. Alternatively, drive all sales inquiries away from your direct Instagram messages and into your e-mail inbox. Hyperlinks on your Instagram profile ought to be reserved for informational content material, weblog, or something relevant that does not straight deal with marijuana sales.

How to Recover Your Web page

Let’s say you have a single of the unlucky handful of cannabis pages that get removed without having an explanation. If you think you haven’t broken the neighborhood recommendations, you can appeal their choice by filling out a kind and delivering a copy of a single of the following documents:

  • Regional company license
  • Tax filing
  • Invoice
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Utility bill
  • Proof of domain name registration
  • Order fulfillment documentation

If your appeal is denied, it is valuable to set up a back-up account to retain the wheels moving. Come across inventive approaches to steer your audience to your new web page.

Instagram has excellent worth for budding cannabis firms. Some characteristics are restricted from cannabis corporations, but there’s nonetheless lots of worth to reap from the platform. Your cannabis company can raise brand awareness, create an audience from scratch, and inform your enterprise story. As extended as you comply with the guidelines and act strategically, you can do wonders for the cannabis neighborhood.


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