How To Study a Label


If you told us twenty years ago that cannabis would come with labels, we would have asked you what you have been smoking. But it is 2019, and just like the FDA regulated nutrition information labels you obtain at the grocery shop, WA’s liquor manage board (LCB) has particular labeling specifications for all retail cannabis. If you are new to cannabis or the cannabis retail atmosphere, it can be a tiny daunting attempting to break down all that info.  There is no normal for how it is all laid out, but when you are familiar with what almost everything suggests, it is a tiny simpler to obtain what you are searching for. To get you began, we’ve broken down the contents of 1 label under:



1. Name of Cultivar (strain)

two. Package Size: Typically obtainable sizes are expressed by weight in grams: gram (1g), eighth (three.5g), quarter (7g), half ounce (14g), ounce (28g)

three. Spot of Acquire: If you require to exchange a item, you are only capable to return it to the place at which you bought it.

four. Terpene Percentage (incorporated on some but not all labels)

five. Potency Evaluation of Cannabinoids (as percents):

THC: at the moment activated THC | THCA: at the moment unactivated THC | Total THC: calculation for prospective THC post-decarboxylation

CBD: at the moment activated CBD | CBDA: at the moment unactivated CBD | Total CBD: calculation for prospective CBD post-decarboxylation

Total Cannabinoids = Total THC + Total CBD. Some producers also contain other minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, or CBN.

Notice how the total THC is reduced than the sum of the THC + THCA? This is due to the 1st law of thermodynamics, when heat is applied a modest % is lost in the conservation of power. Having said that, an educated customer is not concerned with potency alone. Preserve in thoughts that your encounter with a specific cultivar is also influenced strongly by the concentration of numerous terpenes.

six. Pest Manage Procedures: In an work to preserve buyers secure, Washinton cannabis laws regulate the kind of pest manage that farmers are permitted to use in the expanding procedure. At Dockside, we choose to function with the businesses who concentrate on raising their crops in the most pure and all-natural way probable.  For extra info about allowable pest manage strategies, click right here.


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