Marijuana Possession Incident in Russia a Reminder for Health-related Cannabis Customers



With healthcare marijuana legal in numerous industrialized nations, it is fairly clear the attitude toward its therapeutic properties is shifting.

Luxembourg’s current announcement of upcoming legalization only pushes the envelope additional. But when some European nations are loosening their laws, other folks are not identified for getting so lenient. However, Russia – the biggest and most strong European nation – falls amongst the latter, as demonstrated by The Moscow Occasions.

Of course, Russia does not have a reputation for getting incredibly liberal. In truth, some may possibly argue that its blatant censorship and discriminatory practices against specific groups barely offers them the ideal to contact themselves a “democracy.”

A single issue they make completely clear, nonetheless, is that they do not permit marijuana possession, regardless of the person’s nation of origin.

This is not restricted to Russia, which is why citizens of legal marijuana nations/U.S. states should really preserve their medicine at residence.


American Film Student Arrested


When it is widespread know-how that carrying marijuana from a legal nation does not give customers the ideal to possess it in nations exactly where it is illegal, a single American did not get the memo.

However, this lack of awareness got American film student Audrey Elizabeth Lorber arrested in St. Petersburg for marijuana possession.

The Moscow Occasions reminds us that Russia does not see eye-to-eye with the U.S. on healthcare cannabis:


“Russia bans the circulation of drugs such as marijuana and other cannabinoids, whose use is legalized in specific U.S. states and European nations. Lorber was allegedly located in possession of 19.05 grams of cannabis, bought in the U.S., for the duration of searches at Pulkovo Airport.”


Severe Legal Difficulty


When 19 grams of marijuana may possibly not land an individual in a lot of problems in the west, Russia is a great deal much less lenient. The court program was blatantly clear in its statement that:


“‘The defendant’s patent issued in the U.S. on marijuana use as aspect of a healthcare plan does not extend to Russian territory.’”


However for Lorber, any drug possession carries a maximum sentence of 3 years. When it is widespread practice in Canada and the U.S. to show lenience on a 1st offence, there is no telling if Russian courts stick to the exact same process.

It also does not assistance that relations involving the U.S. and the Russian Federation are much less than excellent, potentially major to a harsher sentence merely out of spite.

Lorber pleaded guilty to the charges and is nevertheless awaiting trial.


Contradicting Policies


In spite of the Russian courts’ ardent anti-cannabis stance, they had been fast to abandon it when they hosted the 2018 FIFA Planet Cup – a substantial supply of tourism income.

The Moscow Occasions reveals:


“Last year, organizers of the 2018 FIFA Planet Cup in Russia had said that foreign football fans would be permitted to bring healthcare marijuana and cocaine with prescriptions into the nation for the duration of the championship.”


It is rather bizarre that the Russian government is fine with illegal substances getting brought in en masse, when prosecuting smaller, isolated incidents like Lorber’s. But as opposed to the FIFA occasion, Lorber is not worth millions in tourist revenue.


WeedAdvisor Urges Caution to Customers


Regardless no matter if the cannabis is for healthcare or recreational factors, we would after once again like to remind the public that a single country’s laws do not extend to other nations.

Even in Canada’s case, it is illegal to carry marijuana across the U.S. border, regardless of no matter if the location state legalized the drug.

The bottom line is that no one should really travel outdoors the nation with marijuana for any explanation, otherwise they may possibly come across themselves in a related scenario to Lorber and, undoubtedly, other unnamed people as properly.


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