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The Northern Lights are the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere. Northern Lights Marijuana is sort of the same; once the Northern Lights #5 smoke enters your body, a chemical reaction of particles are released in the brain, which instantly changes your mood into love, peace, and contentment.

Just as the Northern Lights in the Arctic are a must-see in your lifetime, Northern Lights #5 is a must-try strain. It is, by far, one of the most influential marijuana strains to date.

Northern Lights #5 is technically a 95/5 hybrid, but novice users consider it to be a full Indica strain. While it has THC levels that come in at 20-33%, the Indica properties in it tone down the hallucinations and trippy vibes. Users can expect to be put into a fuzzy, body buzz, that will leave them feeling as lazy as the 35-year-old living in their moms’ basement.

In larger doses, this can take people to a far off galaxy, and it will be hard for the users to find their return ticket home.


I’m sure with one of the highest levels of THC to date, you are probably wondering if this strain has ever won any awards. The answer to this is, yes! Northern Lights #5 was entered into competitions decades ago, back in 1989. The strain showed up at the Cannabis Cup, and dominated rather quickly, winning awards in 1989, 1990 and 1992.


Northern Lights #5 has been tweaked a bit over the years. While it always contained a high level of THC, recently, the THC has measured up to a shocking 35%.

As with any other legendary strain, the origins of this strain are surrounded by mystery. This might be done on purpose, to keep users interested, due to the pure mystery. Or, it could be possible that adequate record keeping was not done back then. It is only recently that pot became legal, so it makes sense that the older strains wouldn’t have much of a paper trail to follow.

Parent Strains

The best guess of the parent strains of Northern Lights #5 would be two landrace strains, the best theory being Thai and Afghani.


Thai marijuana is a pure Sativa landrace strain, and it had years of isolated breeding. Fruit and citrus are the two many aromas in this strain, which makes it sought after by many consumers. Growers love it, and use it to breed a large variety of strains, although, it takes a bit longer to grow. It is used therapeutically to treat depression, nausea, and migraines.


Afghani is an OG landrace strain that is a pure Indica. Natural, and human-altered growing, has made this strain the beauty that it is today. While it is one of the oldest strains, it is quite hard to come by in this day and age. This is because Afghanistian banned marijuana in 1993.

The smell of this strain is an acquired taste, as it has notes of skunk, and diesel. It is great for treating insomnia, nausea, and stress.


The effects, felt from Northern Lights #5, are arguably some of the best of all time. Users will instantly be met with a body buzz that borders on being numbing. You only need one hit of this, and within 2 minutes you can mentally and physically feel the stress leaving your body. It is best used at night, and not a great wake and bake strain.

This strain makes you mellow, and your day’s worries will instantly melt away. Northern Lights #5 is a nice little slice of heaven in a day and age when things are so stressful. Hit a bit of this, turn your phone off, and just live in your own little world for a few hours.

Body High

Those looking for a body high, are going to love Northern Lights #5. It can make peoples bodies feel numb, tingle, and heavy feeling. Touch can feel more sensitive, and a focused, calm feeling will leave your body feeling tingly.

If you are really focused on a body high, over a head high, then take this strain in the form of an edible. When marijuana is broken down, and processed through your liver, the overall high will be longer and more potent.

Mind High

While Northern Lights is an almost pure Indica, the THC levels contained will still give users a substantial mind high. Time distortion, and thought alteration, may last for a few hours. Simple things like sound might be amplified, which can be a fun experience for new users.


Users will notice they suddenly find themselves devouring food, as if they haven’t eaten in days. This would be what cannabis consumers call the munchies. Stock up on your favorite snack, and enjoy the whole bag in one sitting.

Recreational Activities

There aren’t too many recreational activities to pair with the Northern Lights #5 strain, because the end result will most likely be sleep. If you take a small dose, you can pair this strain with activities such as:

  • Reading
  • TV Shows
  • Puzzles
  • Crafting

Northern Lights #5 isn’t the best strain to pair with active hobbies, due to its drowsy effects. Instead, chill at-home activities are more suitable to pair with this

Medical Uses

Being an Indica strain, this can be ideal for those who want to treat medical ailments at night. The THC content in this strain is helpful for those who are looking to use marijuana in a therapeutic way.

More and more people are turning to cannabis, instead of pharmaceutical drugs, and many states are legalizing the medical use of it. If you don’t live in a state where it is legal, recreationally or medically, then you might want to look into moving to a state where it is.

At the end of the day, marijuana is a plant, and many countries have used it, for it’s healing properties, for decades. While more people are open and talking about it, one day, many will use marijuana instead of pills. It is non-addictive and doesn’t cause many negative side effects.

Let’s take a look at a few medical issues that Northern Lights #5 can assist with:


This strain is great for those who have insomnia, due to the body buzz, and head shut-off effect. Those who have trouble sleeping, either falling asleep, or staying asleep, can use a bit of Northern Lights #5 nightly. It won’t leave you with any lingering effects the next day, like drowsiness, or a foggy head.

Body Pain

Body pain can be debilitating for anyone, and can ruin a person’s life. It is hard to get anything done when there is constant pain running throughout the body. Northern Lights #5 can be beneficial for treating chronic illnesses, or suffering related to a sports injury. You can use this in a topical form, if you don’t want to smoke or vape it, which may be the best method for those who are dealing with other medical ailments.

Smoke can be irritating to the lungs, so edibles, oils or topicals might be the best route to go.

Headaches or Migraines

Anyone who suffers from daily headaches, or migraines, know how it can affect their daily lives, at work, and with family and friends. A pounding head can be quickly alleviated with a bit of the Northern Lights #5 strain. This allows users to live in the moment, and feel at peace.

Stomach Issues

Stomach issues can be eliminated with a bit of this strain. It can be a real aid for many types of stomach issues, such as gastritis, gastroparesis, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, and various types of cancers. The stomach is an essential organ in the body, and to be healthy, the stomach needs to function correctly.

Additional Uses:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Night terrors
  • Overthinking


Pine, floral, and an earthy scents are the overall aromas that first are noticed with this strain. People typically use it for the effects, and not for the taste, or scent. A bit of earth and pine are left on the tongue after it is smoked.

This is a very potent strain, and it isn’t great for those who are trying to use marijuana discreetly.

The smoke is a bit thicker with this strain, and might not be the best choice for those who don’t do well with smoke or vape. Instead, take this in an edible or drink form.


With so many breeders getting their hands on this strain, there are numerous variations out there. It can be grown by a any skill level, and can be cultivated indoors, or outdoors.

You can grow this as a clone version. For those who aren’t sure what that means, you can grow it from an exact copy from the mother plant. This means more true characteristics of the strain will develop, instead of growing from a seed, where the growers habits can affect the final bud.

The typical growing time for Northern Lights #5 is 6 to 8 weeks. The yield is about 125 grams per square meter, and the buds always sell fast.

The buds are incredibly sticky, dense, and delicate. They give off a lemon scent when broken down.

Similar Strains

If this strain sounds like your jam, then you might be interested in checking out these similar strains:

  • Vortex
  • Sour OG
  • Thai Girl
  • Mean Misty
  • CBD Rich Blessing
  • Mission Kush
  • Hashberry
  • Smooth Operator
  • Banana Diesel
  • Godzilla
  • The One
  • Heaven Scent
  • Sour Pebbles


Looking at a wide range of reviews, can give you a look into real-world experiences you might expect. Many reviews have stated:

  • This strain will pull you from the dimension you’re in, and leave you floating in an unknown Galaxy. The only grasp you have of things around you is the table and chair you’re sitting on and hang on for dear life.
  • WOW! Now I know what people mean when they say “top shelf.” It has taken me about 20 minutes to write this review. NOT FOR A BEGINNER!!!!!
  • Two puffs. DONE! It’s been a LONG time. Probably the most powerful Indica if not strain alone readily available known on planet earth. One thing I ALWAYS looked for in the ’80s and ’90s was the stuff that required the least maintenance. We called it one hit s**~t. As far as anxiety goes FLUSH the Xanax!
  • This has to be one of the best Strains I have ever had. This sweet, and potent, the flavor takes care of my ADHD/OCD & chronic pain with ease. Leaving my mind to it’s creative and scientific vices with an astute focus that is, so far; paralleled by None. Northern Lights #5 is definitely a Strain to be reckoned with…

Negative Effects

The most common negative effects are dry mouth, and dry eyes. To prevent this, have some eye drops on hand, and some water or liquid to drink.

The high levels of THC in this strain can be a bit too much for new users, or those sensitive to THC. Once you have smoked weed, there isn’t anything you can do to get un-high. The best thing to do is just buckle in, and ride it out. Contrary to popular belief, eating food will enhance the effects, and won’t combat them as eating can do with drinking.

Another obvious side effect is going to be drowsiness. If you have somewhere to be, or work to get done, then don’t use this strain until afterward.

Final Thoughts

This marijuana is ideal for those who want a big body buzz and trippy head effects. Northern Lights #5 can be a great night-time strain to help with pain, or sleeping issues. While it doesn’t have a stand-out flavor profile, it has an authentic, classic marijuana taste, that is perfect for those who want an OG weed. Those new to THC, or are sensitive to it, should use this strain with caution.

Northern Lights #5 is a staple within the marijuana community, and it is one that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.

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