Perch Harvests | Cannabis Flower


Perch Harvests | Cannabis Flower

The selection-producing procedure, when it comes to flower, can be a tough and uncommon knowledge for cannabis buyers. Browsing a wide variety of strains that boast names like “Blunicorn” or “Sour Most effective Tangie” can be overwhelming and confusing to a lot of buyers. With Perch Harvests we are searching to simplify this procedure by grouping equivalent strains in categories identified as Perch Effects.

Each and every Perch Impact has a one of a kind element and all Perch flower grouped inside that Perch Impact has been reported to offer a equivalent influence and prospective advantage to the customer. This permits for you to a lot more effortlessly narrow down your selection though feeling comfy to discover beyond your usual strain. Perch Harvests aims to give the customer a level of self-assurance in their choice though also producing a conscious selection about their preferred effects.


Our group has taken the time to deep-dive into the strains readily available from Perch Harvests to offer an educated selection on categorizing. Reviewing such essential components as lineage, reported effects, and customer feedback offer a guiding light on deciding on the Perch Impact every strain is grouped below. Our study does not quit there, we use terpene final results from a 3rd celebration laboratory to solidify our hypothesis on the interaction of every cannabis strain with the customer.

Perch Harvests - Perch Effects


Perch Harvests - NEST

Perch Impact: Nest

Nest will include strains identified to have a lot more relaxing and calming values. This is most notably the Indica-Dominant varietals typically obtaining larger amounts of the terpenes Linalool and Myrcene. These strains are well known for men and women yearning for a “couch-lock” sensation.


Perch Harvests - HOVER

Perch Impact: Hover

Hover will function strains that have a excellent balance of relaxation and mood enhancement from their consumer’s reported effects. Containing a range of hybrids, Hover is a terrific alternative for buyers not searching for a specific overarching impact and might want the flexibility to consume cannabis on their personal schedule.


Perch Harvests - FLY

Perch Impact: Fly

Fly is the final of the three Perch Effects, featuring strains identified to be energizing and motivating for some men and women. Usually obtaining a larger proportion of Limonene, Humulene, and Pinene this impact will include a majority of the Sativas in every harvest.


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