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Police officers raided the property of a cancer patient in central Israel on Monday and confiscated cannabis oil made use of for health-related factors.


The patient, a 66-year-old man who suffers from stage four colorectal cancer and utilizes CBD extractions to fight discomfort and the side effects of chemotherapy, had to import cannabis oil from abroad due to nationwide shortage in health-related cannabis.

Health-related cannabis (Photo: EPA)

The man&#8217s daughter told about the amazing effects the therapy had on her father&#8217s situation in an interview with &#8216Cannabis&#8217 magazine.

&#8220Thanks to cannabis, my dad began gaining weight and sleepa far better at evening,&#8221 Mentioned the daughter. &#8220He is substantially far more crucial and is not in as substantially discomfort. Cannabis also assists him in walking, which was impaired by the chemotherapy therapy.&#8221

The daughter also told &#8216Cannabis&#8217 about the household&#8217s continual struggle to get the medicine, even though the man possesses a license for health-related cannabis.

&#8220My dad didn&#8217t get his medicine for two months now. Every single morning we get in touch with each and every pharmacy in the region and ask if there&#8217s any cannabis, but in vain. Our aggravation is immense. We decreased his dosage to the bare minimum, just so that he is not be left without having cannabis. We take each and every tiny smidge of cannabis into account.&#8221

Medical cannabis oil (Photo: Shutterstock)

Health-related cannabis oil (Photo: Shutterstock)

&#8220We are a normative household and we have by no means had any complications with the police. My parents had been shocked when police officers knocked on our door,&#8221 mentioned the daughter. 

&#8220My mom begged the cops not to take our oil, but they confiscated my father&#8217s medicine. The state&#8217s conduct in our case is absurd. It deprives my father of the only therapy that assists him, although also turning us into criminals. We have to commit a lot of cash on the oil simply because the state fails to provide the it to us, and took away the medicine we had to order.&#8221

&#8220My dad is a sturdy man, but I saw how upset he was with the search at our residence. It is a pity that he was forced to go by way of this in his situation. He is a sick individual, not a criminal&#8221, the man&#8217s daughter concluded.

The Israel Police mentioned in response to the incident that &#8220the search was performed in accordance with a court order following a report of suspected drug import&#8221.

&#8220We would like to emphasize that CBD, a substance extracted from cannabis, is classified as a unsafe drug and in accordance with the law, the import of drugs from abroad needs a specific permit from the Ministry of Overall health, which was absent in this case,&#8221 the police added.

&#8220We would also like to want the man a speedy recovery and sturdy overall health.&#8221

CBD is one particular of numerous compounds, identified as cannabinoids, identified in the cannabis plant. Researchers have been searching at the feasible therapeutic utilizes of CBD, and numerous individuals use it to ease symptoms of cancer, epilepsy and glaucoma, amongst other illnesses and circumstances.

CBD doesn&#8217t possess any psychoactive traits and doesn&#8217t give the &#8216higher&#8217 sensation triggered by THC, a further constituent identified in cannabis.

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