Tucker Carlson Blames Mass Shootings On Weed


Controversial FOX News host Tucker Carlson lately had a guest on his show to assistance his argument that cannabis might be to blame for the current string of shootings observed in the United States. The guest was Alex Berenson, former New York Occasions journalist and author of the book Inform Your Youngsters: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence.

Berenson’s perform has not received a lot assistance from the scientific neighborhood and has even been rejected by several of the identical scientists who had been referenced in the book. The researchers have recommended that several of the research cited in the book had been taken out of context. They have also mentioned that Berenson place forward conclusions that their information did not assistance.

The scientific neighborhood was so dismayed by Berenson’s misrepresentation of the present information, that researchers from a wide variety of prestigious universities penned an open letter taking him to activity for the claims created in his book, and urging lawmakers to disregard his writing when thinking of laws on legalization. The signatories incorporated authorities from New York University, Harvard Healthcare College and Columbia University.

“We urge policymakers and the public to rely on scientific proof, not flawed pop science and ideological polemics, in formulating their opinions about marijuana legalization,” the letter stated.

The premise of Berenson’s argument is that persons who commit violent crimes generally occur to have cannabis in their systems. On Carlson’s broadcast, Berenson pointed to the current case of the shooter in Dayton, Ohio, claiming that marijuana could have been a issue in the violence.

The pair talk about the shooter’s toxicology outcomes, which incorporated Xanax and cocaine as nicely as marijuana, selecting to skip more than the other a lot more highly effective drugs to concentrate on marijuana, which is recognized to hold persons a lot more calm and relaxed than not.

Berenson believes that marijuana has a powerful hyperlink to psychosis, but this is heavily debated amongst scientists, and even these who do assistance this theory think that marijuana can only trigger the symptoms in persons who are currently severely mentally ill. Nevertheless, this a lot can also be mentioned for any thoughts-altering substance, in particular prescription pharmaceuticals like Xanax.

In the case of Xanax—which was also located in the shooter’s system—violence fits of rage and psychosis are all relatively frequent side effects that are nicely documented and scientifically confirmed.

In current years, several on-line sources have recommended that there is a hyperlink in between prescription drugs and mass shootings, but mainstream reality-checkers have taken issue with these claims, contending that a massive quantity of persons in the United States are on prescription drugs, which indicates that it is only all-natural that a shooter, or their victims for that matter, would have a higher possibility of possessing these substances in their program. If this is accurate, the identical issue can be mentioned for marijuana, which is now utilised by a massive segment of the population, in each legal and non-legal states.


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