Cannabis has been applied for therapeutic and recreational purposes for centuries. The earliest references to the healing properties of Cannabis date back at 8500 BC, in Chinese texts. In China, it was primarily grown as a raw material, due to its fiber resistance, for the creation of fabrics and ropes. With its spreading westward to India, about 4000 years of rituals have been applied. The pharmaceutical properties of the plant are described for the very first time in a Persian text in 600 BC. The descriptions of Herodotus for the use of cannabis by the Scythians which meet Plutarch’s descriptions, also, the description of its properties from Galen and the reference of Dioscorides to some therapeutic properties of the plant and indications such as the stimulation of sexual activity and healing ear discomfort are some examples of Greek references of Cannabis. Greece has made, processed and exported numerous tons of spinning cannabis more than the previous century. Following 50 years of an irrational ban, we managed to re-legalize the cannabis in Greece in 2013 and to sign the JMC regulating its cultivation and processing in 2016. The Greek climate is a single of the finest in the globe and it favors crops such as cannabis and other aromatic plants. Greece is located to be really appropriate for Cannabis cultivation due to its climate and its abundant soils. Far more especially, the Thessalian field is the biggest arable land in Greece. Also, much more than half of the arable hemp acres in Greece are grown in Thessaly, which is recognized for its excellent watering acres, exactly where the soil is fertile, wealthy in organic matter, for optimum yield. Our business applies the finest solutions to optimize the item. All crop care in the course of harvesting and processing is accomplished by hand. In cooperation with specialized agronomists, our business applies organic farming and specialized solutions for the care and consolidation of the plants with the aim of maximizing the region yield and the excellent of the final item made. Our business Canna Med IKE, a single of the very first providers in the cannabis region in Greece, has begun to operate given that 2017, in the broader region of Thessaly, and this year it has reached 450 acres of indoor and outside cultivation.

The object of the business is the cultivation, processing and promoting of industrial cannabis and its solutions.