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Pennsylvania residents in Bucks County can now have their healthcare marijuana card consultations and re-certifications closer to household. We are opening an workplace beginning in November at the address under, appropriate subsequent to the Doylestown train station. Hours are restricted and transform every week but appointments can be effortlessly scheduled on our on the internet calendar. Renewing individuals nonetheless have to spend only $100 for their appointments. Paperwork is needed for all individuals who did not have any healthcare records at their initial consultations in Philadelphia.


Doylestown Health-related Marijuana Clinic Address:

196 West Ashland Street, Suite 209

Doylestown, PA 18901

Other News in Doylestown:

Restore dispensary has opened a new place in Doylestown as properly. It is situated at 812 North Easton Road, significantly less than two miles from our new workplace. Sufferers can be certified at our clinic and acquire their flower and concentrates at the new Restore dispensary.


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