BCC Announces Recipients Of Neighborhood Equity Grant Funding


On Friday, March 1, the California Bureau of Cannabis Handle (BCC) released a Neighborhood Equity Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) and announced that they would start accepting applications for grant funding via regional equity applications, as authorized by the state’s Equity Act of 2018 and the Spending budget Act of 2019.

BCC was appropriated $10 million to award to California counties and cities with inclusion and help-primarily based equity applications that concentrate on assisting applicants and licensees in the cannabis business who are from regions that have been disproportionately impacted by cannabis prohibition.

Inside weeks, BCC canceled the NOFA and announced that they would not be proceeding any additional with the application period till system suggestions could be reviewed and revised.

On July 31, BCC announced that they had been as soon as once more accepting applications.

A minimum grant of $100,000 was to be awarded to certified regional jurisdiction applicants who had been identified to be eligible for grant funding.

On Wednesday, October 9, BCC announced the awarding of equity grant funding to ten regional jurisdictions for use in industrial cannabis equity applications that give help and solutions to equity applicants and licensees.

  • City of Los Angeles – $1,834,156.38
  • City of Oakland – $1,657,201.65
  • County of Humboldt – $1,338,683.13
  • City &amp County of San Francisco – $1,338,683.13
  • City of Sacramento – $1,197,119.34
  • City of Lengthy Beach – $913,991.77
  • City of San Jose – $560,082.30
  • County of Santa Cruz – $560,082.30
  • City of Coachella – $500,000.00
  • City of Palm Springs – $100,000.00

Funding criteria was primarily based on system suggestions up to the quantity requested by every jurisdiction.



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