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our preferred meals can say a lot about you. Beyond just pointing to your preferred flavors, it can also hint at the sorts of experiences you love, the occasions you like to consume, and whole cuisines you are partial to. Can it inform you which cannabis strains you will love, also? We consider there’s a great opportunity it can.

Naturally, it is not possible to highlight every single attainable dish right here, or typecast every single particular person who chooses the exact same preferred, but the following are some of the most well-liked foods in North America and beyond, every one particular paired with a cannabis strain of comparable attributes that may well appeal for a selection of factors. Discover your preferred meals under, study up on the strain we’ve picked to go with it, and head to the nearest dispensary that carries the strain!


Strain: GMO Cookies

Pizza seems time immediately after time at the major of preferred-meals lists, specifically in the US. It is immensely versatile: It can be standard or gourmet, thick crust or thin, a social knowledge (as in at a pizza celebration) or a solitary one particular (as in devouring cold pizza though stoned at two a.m. in front of your fridge).

A single of pizza’s greatest attributes is that it appeals to virtually everyone, so we’ve paired it with a strain of similarly well-liked lineage: GMO Cookies, born of a cross in between GSC and Chemdog. Occasionally known as Garlic Cookies, this strain is a pungent, savory, and multifaceted flavor knowledge, though the higher is a small like getting eaten numerous pizza slices (you will really feel satisfied, relaxed, and perhaps just a small bit sleepy).

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Ice cream

Strain: Headband

Headband cannabis strain

Lovers of ice cream know that half the knowledge is in the dessert’s smooth, creamy texture. Headband replicates the knowledge with thick mouthfuls of smooth and creamy smoke. Like ice cream, it is recognized to make the customer very satisfied, even euphoric, and its smoke is flavorful with a touch of summery sweetness.

Headband’s signature impact is a curious feeling of tension about the crown of the head, which is a small comparable to (but far far more pleasant than) an ice-cream-induced brain freeze.

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Strain: Superglue

Superglue cannabis strain

Woodsy and earthy with a distinctively caramelized aroma, Superglue recalls some of the most tantalizing items about the taste of bacon. Like bacon, this strain is also assured to boost the mood, and capable of bringing a smile to the face of virtually any customer.

As a well-liked daytime strain for seasoned customers, could we recommend pairing Superglue with sizzling bacon to make this your new preferred way to wake up?

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Strain: Remedy

remedy cannabis strain

Irrespective of whether you have fallen for guacamole, avocado toast, or just plain scrumptious avo, this superfruit is getting a moment that in fact appears to be lasting all decade. So is CBD, which has under no circumstances been far more on-trend, and can now be identified in every thing from powdered drink mixes to Gwyneth Paltrow’s bath bombs.

Skip the overpriced bath bombs, even though, and spring for Remedy, a sweet, floral, higher-CBD strain that is intensely relaxing. Like the avocado, it is a beautiful yellowish-green in colour, and it tastes fresh, earthy, and great for you all at when.

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Strain: MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies)

MAC cannabis strain

Like barbecue, MAC brings with each other diverse influences: its genetic lineage contains the likes of Colombian, Alien Cookies, and Starfighter. As shiny and sticky with resinous trichomes as barbecue is with brown-sugary sauce, you can inform at very first glance that this strain will be packed with flavor.

And it is—beginning with aromatics that include things like notes of musk, gasoline, and dank earthiness, the smoke crossing the palate reveals flavors of orange citrus prior to finishing on a sweet, wood-smoky higher note.

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Strain: Gelato

Gelato cannabis strain

Most of the berries in North America come from the West Coast, and so does Gelato, the sweet, fruity Bay Location superstar strain. Juicy and scrumptious as its name suggests, Gelato retains lots of earthy, sugary flavor, and its buds bloom dark-purple.

The ideal issue about berries is that they really feel indulgent but will not leave you sluggish, and the exact same is accurate of Gelato you will undoubtedly really feel your physical tension subside, but you will nonetheless be capable of going about your day in spite of Gelato’s generous serving of THC.

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Strain: Chocolate Hashberry

Chocolate Hashberry cannabis strain

Aromatic and nuanced with a wealthy, sophisticated flavor profile laden with cocoa alongside hints of fruit and spice capable of combatting anxiousness and enhancing the mood at very first taste.

Sound like your preferred chocolate bar? This is in fact from the strain description of Chocolate Hashberry, which crosses Chocolate Kush with Blackberry Kush. It is even recognized to sharpen concentrate in modest doses, just like the mild caffeine in a mid-afternoon dark chocolate break can do.

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Strain: Holy Grail Kush 

Holy Grail Kush cannabis strain

Even though we’d be tough-pressed to discover a cannabis flavor profile that is identical to the fresh-fish flavors identified in sushi (and we’re not certain you’d even want that, anyway), Holy Grail Kush is nonetheless vibrant and complicated in flavor, with a mellow higher reminiscent of a slow-paced dinner at the counter of your preferred sushi bar.

Like sushi, a small goes a lengthy way with this potent major-shelf strain. In addition, Holy Grail Kush is stated to have accomplished the Higher Occasions Cannabis Cup’s very first-ever fantastic score, and we see the exact same excellence reflected in sushi culture—each bite’s aim is to realize perfection.

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Strain: Cheese

Cheese cannabis strain

Pairing look also apparent? Occasionally the easiest answer is also the ideal one particular. In addition to, as evidenced by items like cheese boards, cheese shops, and cheese sauce, one particular of the ideal items you can pair with cheese is … far more cheese.

The strain is accurate to its name—a small pungent, a small funky, but fairly enticing the far more familiar you turn out to be with its exceptional flavor profile.

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