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By Melanie Conklin, Wisconsin Examiner

Hemp is Wisconsin’s comeback crop,” stated Sen. Patrick Testin (R-Stephens Point), author of SB-188 which would reauthorize the fledgling pilot system that permits developing hemp in Wisconsin. The measure would move toward generating the system permanent and add technical regulations to bring it in line with new federal law.


Hemp is made use of in clothes, biofuels, lotions, rope and foods, amongst other things. Hemp paper was even made use of to draft the Declaration of Independence, according to the national nonprofit sector advocacy group Vote Hemp, which tracks state and federal law and policy. The group reported that 1,855 acres of hemp have been grown in Wisconsin final year.


Hemp is supplying possibilities for rural and urban entrepreneurs alike, and a lot of of my constituents are emerging as leaders in this sector,” stated Taylor following the vote. “Americans currently consume millions of imported hemp items — that is income that can and really should be spent right here in our state of Wisconsin, and my city of Milwaukee.”

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