Trucking Desires to Take Cannabis Head-On


Extra Americans have access to legal weed than ever just before. ATA&#8217s aims is to strain highway security and the have to have for a federal policy on this emerging concern.

SAN DIEGO — Extra than a quarter of Americans reside in a jurisdiction that enables legal marijuana. Weed’s increasing reputation in the U.S. is an rising and complex concern for the trucking business.

American Trucking Associations is searching to take the lead in how U.S. firms adapt to legal weed, noting that there is a lot more to understand about its effects. The ATA Board of Directors designed new policies this week that calls for a typical-sense strategy to liberalizing marijuana laws — in the name of security. And considering the fact that each state has distinctive cannabis laws, ATA desires the federal government to alter its strategy.

“We’ve got to get the federal individuals involved in this so we have uniformed impairment guidelines across our nation,” Harold Sumerford Jr., CEO of J&ampM Tank Lines, told a luncheon crowd at ATA’s Management Conference &amp Exhibition.

Sumerford is co-chairman of ATA’s newly formed Controlled Substances, Well being &amp Wellness Working Group, which is tasked with tackling marijuana’s impact on trucking. Co-chairman Paul Enos, CEO of the Nevada Trucking Association, stated ATA’s ambitions are to defend carriers’ rights to have a drug-free of charge workplace, to be in a position to test their employees and to limit liability.

“But we also have to have to be positive that when we get a lot more information and a lot more info on this, we can alter as well,” Enos stated. “Because the query is: Is an individual impaired if they tested optimistic for marijuana? Since it stays in your program for 30 days. That is the crux of the concern, appropriate? You may well not be impaired. I know if I had seven or eight whiskeys the other evening, (I’d be) feeling fairly rough the subsequent day — but we’d know, physiologically, 24 hours later, I am going to be fine. We do not know exactly where that is in marijuana and I feel that is the most significant challenge that we have these days.”

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Published: October 09, 2019

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