Mike Tyson reveals plans to set up Caribbean cannabis farm to cater for pot-loving Brits


MIKE TYSON is taking his prosperous cannabis business enterprise to the Caribbean.

Antiguan Prime Minister Gaston Browne has revealed Tyson desires to create a cannabis farm alongside other projects such as entertainment, leisure and accommodation.

The 53-year-old also plans to introduce a marijuana conference on the island – which is anticipated to take location in April 2020 and just about every year thereafter.

Speaking at a press conference, Browne stated: “Their interest goes beyond marijuana merchandise or hemp merchandise.

“They are also searching at the entire region of entertainment and leisure and 1 of the most fascinating projects that they will establish inside the subsequent nine months is the establishment of an annual marijuana conference right here in Antigua.

“It will be like the Davos of cannabis it will take location on an annual basis and will bring stakeholders from all through the globe for that matter correct right here on Antigua to go over a variety of possibilities inside the market.

“So, we are really excited about that. They are also interested in establishing a hotel accommodation home and they will be searching at a quantity of websites to establish suitability.”

A single of Tyson’s colleagues who accompanied him on the lengthy trip from The US stated that Antigua was selected as the spot for these endeavours since of it is hospitality, beauty, place, and history.

In speaking about the positive aspects of instituting these projects on the twin-island, Tyson told neighborhood reporters that he believes that by means of this collaboration, Antigua and Barbuda would develop into a force to be reckoned with.

He declared: “Absolutely, I feel that with your association with Tyson Ranch that it would be a far excellent conclusion that we achieve that and make this a powerhouse.

“It will be excellent for the nation and will bring in considerably-required funds to aid your economy.”

The boxer owns Tyson Holistic Holdings, which he made in 2016. It sells marijuana strains, edibles, and merchandise.

He broke into the marijuana trade when he opened his personal cannabis ranch in California.

And the retired heavyweight has revealed that he smokes about £33,000 of cannabis each and every month at his 40-acre complicated.

Following scouting out the achievable possibilities in Antigua and Barbuda, a concrete strategy will be established among Tyson and the government.

The nation has nonetheless been feeling the devastation from Hurricanes Irma and Maria back in 2017, and rely on funds brought in from tourism to aid rebuild the communities and help the citizens.

Supply: The Sun


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