One of the fastest growing hemp retailers in the US: Boston Hempire

hemp flower, and CBD; these products have been popping up everywhere you look. If
this is your first time reading about CBD or hemp flower, you might be
wondering what the buzz is all about. You also may be curious if the products
are beneficial. One of the first steps you should take before purchasing CBD is
to do your research about the benefits and quality. Usually, manufacturers,
growers, and merchants of CBD products make claims that the goods contain CBD. This
is not always true. Containing “hemp extract” is not necessarily the same as
“containing CBD”. Knowing the quality and what is in your product makes a big
difference. Reports and testimonials say CBD has multiple health benefits for
the customers that use them. Is this psychosomatic or is there truth to what
people claim CBD can do? Boston Hempire offers quality and transparency, so you
know exactly what you are getting, and that makes the difference in what works
and what does not.

also known as cannabidiol, is a derivative of the hemp plant, which belongs to
the Cannabis Sativa plant species. Cannabis, as in
marijuana? Not exactly. CBD is non-psychoactive, unlike another well-known
cannabinoid, THC, which is found in large quantities within the marijuana plant.
In 2018, the Farm Bill Act was passed legalizing hemp and hemp derived CBD on a
federal level. This law separated hemp and marijuana based on the THC content.
Hemp is considered a cannabis plant with less than 0.3% active THC (anything
over this limit is marijuana). Not having this psychoactive component offers the
potential for many benefits to consumers, all which you can buy online or in a
local store.

cannot be made without approval from the FDA, but customers report a variety of
benefits from CBD. Some of the reported health benefits suggest they can have
neuroprotective effects, which means that they can relieve certain conditions
that affect the brain, like pain. Some of the other reported benefits are
relieving symptoms of various health conditions like stress, anxiety, and
depression. Pharmaceutical companies have explored the effectiveness against
two forms of child epilepsy, potential to be used in cancer treatments, relieving
chronic pain, and options to treat drug addiction. The case studies are constantly
growing and are becoming quite extensive. Because of the non-psychoactive property
and no known side-effects, many people are switching to CBD as a natural
alternative to OTC and potentially addictive prescription drugs. Boston Hempire
stresses the value CBD can bring in the fight against opioid and prescription
drug addictions, though they cannot make claims for legal reasons.

flower might seem exotic for the newbies who are just entering the world of CBD
health supplements, but for CBD-savvy people, hemp flower is an excellent way
to get treatment for certain medical conditions. The hemp plant is the starting
point to all CBD products and it’s how Boston Hempire started out. Based in
Massachusetts, CEO Brandon Gadles and close friend, Kevin Coyle launched Boston
Hempire in early 2018 when both entrepreneurs were seeking alternatives to
prescription drugs for a sick parent. Gadles’ mother was coping with
chemotherapy’s side effects while fighting stage 4 lung cancer and Coyle’s
father had been struggling with a variety of issues from ALS. Each parent found
some type of relief or benefit from CBD (pain relief, sleep aid, appetite
builder). After seeing the benefits CBD could provide, Boston Hempire was formed.
With the focus initially being on CBD hemp flower, they quickly expanded
distribution to over 3000 stores across the nation. In late 2018, Boston
Hempire launched their e-commerce website, followed by a full line of wellness
products in early 2019. This aided the expansion to over 5000 retailers,
including medical offices by the end of 2019.

products have been one of the fastest growing segments of the CBD market.
Boston Hempire offers topicals, tinctures, pet products, and consumables such
as gummies and soft gels. These products are in addition to the 20+ different
hemp flower strains the company offers at any given time. But what about the
quality of these CBD products?

Hempire has core values of quality and transparency. Most of the products are
organic, and all offerings are third party lab tested and fully insured with
Cannabis Insurance Business. Each product in the Boston Hempire brand is grown
and produced in the United States. The company only works directly with family
farms and partnering farms/manufacturers to ensure the quality of the products are
consistent and meet the brand’s high standards. Boston Hempire offers its
entire selection of CBD products and hemp flower options on their website

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