Arkansas Medical Marijuana Program Faces Flower Shortages..

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Program Faces Flower Shortages..

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Chris from checks in about the rumored cannabis shortages taking place in Arkansas currently.

There are 80,000+ patients in Arkansas with only 8 licensed cultivators and only 4 producing. The current cultivators are picking and choosing dispensaries, playing politics… leaving Arkansas patients in Arkansas.

We ask the question, why do we only have such a small number of cultivators producing in Arkansas and why are those cultivators getting to cherry pick and choose which dispensaries get them and don’t? We want to know where the oversight is?

In our group we are currently discussing meeting in Little Rock
“September 29 is the next MMC meeting and since we can’t have a voice inside maybe we can project a voice loud enough to be heard.” – Kelly S. – Ark420 Facebook Group Member
September 29, 2020 from 2:00-6:00.”
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