Marijuana Not Associated With Increased Risk of Workplace Injury

Marijuana Careers

Recently released data show that employees with a history of marijuana use (over the past 365 days) are not more likely than non-marijuana users to experience a work-related injury.

Canadian researchers assessed the relation between previous-year marijuana use and work-related injuries among a group of over 136,000 Canadian workers, NORML reported.

The researchers found “no association between past-year cannabis use and work-related injury” for employees in any occupation, including people who work high injury risk jobs.

“To the best of our knowledge, this was the largest population-based cross-sectional study examining the association between past-year cannabis use and work-related injuries,” the researchers noted.

Some cities have limited employers from using marijuana pre-employment drug testing. Meanwhile, Maine and Nevada passed state-specific legislation prohibiting certain employers from refusing to hire a person solely because he/she tested positive for marijuana on a pre-employment drug test.

Photo Tim Bullard, Daily Courier via AP


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