JSCM Video: How supply chain managers navigate the legal cannabis industry

Editor’s note: This video is collaboration between the Journal of Supply Chain Managementand Supply Chain Management Review. Each month, we bring SCMR readers a video interview from the pages of JSCM.

In this month’s video, the Journal of Supply Chain Management talks to Mellie Pullman about her research with Dan Krause entitled Fighting to survive: how supply chain managers navigate the emerging legal cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry is a new quasi‐legal industry. While growing, selling and using cannabis are still illegal in most countries, 24 countries and 33 U.S. states have approved cannabis for medical use, and five countries and 11 U.S. states allow recreational use. While the public often perceives this new market as the Wild West, a way for new business owners to get rich quick, the results of this research paint a different picture. Neither significant corporate expertise and funding nor black‐market cannabis experience are necessarily predictors of success.

Research from Portland State University’s Mellie Pullman and Dan Krause focused on the value-added producers, or VAPs, that process cannabis to manufacture ingestible, inhalable or topical products, and are doing so while facing regulatory focus and turbulence.

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