NJ Senator Ronald Rice Doesn’t Hold Back in Opinion Piece About State’s Compromised Cannabis Legislation

If only more politicians would speak like this.

Basically he says black and minority commmunities have been sold down the river by political elites and Wall St and he would of course be correct in that assertion.

Here’s a taste of his wonderful op ed and we highly recommend you read the full piece at the the link

We’ve withstood three years of bellowed insistence that “social justice” sits at the center of legalization. Three years of this pathetic caravan winding its way through the desert in search of something to suck sustenance from while one straw after another was placed on the camels’ backs. I’m upset to have witnessed it all collapse under the weight of the final straw this week. Camels and caravan lie as broken now as the promises they carried.

For all the cries for social justice, senate leaders revealed their total cluelessness at how to compensate communities that have suffered the most from the systemic racism evident in marijuana arrests. There was an early glimmer of hope when New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus members, in accordance with civil rights leaders, insisted that the recreational marijuana legalization amendment to New Jersey’s constitution provide for restorative justice to communities most harmed by the oppressive, racist targeting. The provision crafted to infuse 70% of marijuana sales tax revenue into those so-called “impact zones” was a huge step forward … until Senate leadership inconceivably placed yet another inexplicable barrier to full justice:


Here he is talking on the subject July 2019

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