CBD Gummies and Pins and Needles: Help

I (21F) am not a big smoker by any extent of the imagination. I’ve tried weed in a couple different forms in relatively small (8-12 mg) doses where I could control it just to see what it was like. After 2 pretty bad experiences, I decided to go the CBD route instead. I tried vapes and tinctures of CBD in higher doses (45+) and never had a negative experience. I went to a dispo on 11/22/20 and purchased a pack of Full Spectrum CBD Gummies with trace amounts of Delta-8. I drove home, excited to pop ’em and vibe, or maybe take a nap. I took one, which doing the math should have been ~25 mg. It hit me just like a THC edible would; it lasted 4 hours or so, I felt the universe unravel, yadda yadda, nothing you all haven’t heard before. One sensation, however, stuck out to me.

Back when I tried THC, my high would start out with the same static-y feeling in my forehead that started right in the middle, and intensify from there. I felt that same sensation with the CBD gummy that day. And it persisted long after I “came down” from the high. And still persists by the time I’m writing this (accompanied by mild muscle spasms, like shivering), which is what worries me.

It has since died down from “constantly feels like pins and needles across my eyebrows” to “pins and needles on one side of my head or the other, just when I’m lying down and tends to linger longer than I’d like”. A better way to describe it would be a headache if a headache were the song “caramelldansen” being blasted 3 blocks away on repeat: not painful, but an annoying and persistent sensation. I know what triggers it, but not what makes it go away and stay away. This has never happened to me before. I’m not a heavy drinker, I don’t smoke cigarettes, I’m a quite active young person with no underlying health issues.

I just want to know: has anyone at all experienced this before? Or heard of it happening? Is it permanent? Did I break something? I’ve since chucked the product and the dispensary I bought it from isn’t even selling it anymore. I want to hear from the community before I go rack up a bunch of medical bills (living in the US) and have them tell me nothing’s wrong. Medical professionals’ and seasoned stoners’ opinions are a huge plus. If this is the wrong place to post this, please don’t hesitate to let me know where I should instead.

TL;DR: 21F ate a gummy and still feels stuff 6 weeks later, needs advice on how to stop it

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