CBD Infused Honey

We’ve combined the highest quality Full Spectrum CBD, which was CO2 extracted from organic hemp, with creamed California Star Thistle honey. There’s 10 MG of CBD per teaspoon, .28% THC and terpenes for maximum bio-availability.


We’re beekeepers and purveyors of raw, varietal honey and healing apothecary items from the hive. Inspired by both our mothers who both suffer from chronic pain, and backed by thousands of years of anecdotal evidence of the healing properties of hive products, we set out to produce a high potency CBD product combined with pure, California honey that actually works!

CBD has become more mainstream recently, as many people are becoming aware of numerous studies and trials showing how this medicinal plant product can greatly reduce pain, inflammation and anxiety. However, not all CBD products are made the same.

Most CBD or Hemp oil products on the market have stripped away all beneficial and naturally occurring THC and terpenes from the plant, with only a powder CBD isolate remaining.

However studies have shown that the healing qualities of CBD become more bioavailable and easily processed when combined with small amounts of THC and essential terpenes that are naturally occurring in the plant. We chose to leave these in to offer the most healing product possible. Just FYI, we are under the federally legal limit of .3% THC which allows our product to be sold without a license, and our CBD infused honey will not get you “high.”

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