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People all over the country are eagerly supporting a new crowdfunding campaign set up to give Shaunie, a terminally ill 11-year-old from Benoni, Johannesburg his dream of owning a PS5.

In July 2020, Shaunie was diagnosed with a rare and regressive terminal brain cancer called Brainstem Glioma. The tumour is located in his brainstem, which controls vital functions such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure, and the nerves and muscles used in seeing, hearing, walking, talking, and eating.

He has been struggling with his eyesight, fatigue, constant vomiting, difficulty moving and communicating.

His family is not sure how long he has left although generally, people with this type of tumour have a survival rate of nine months. There is currently no cure for his condition.

So far, Shaunie has undergone 12 aggressive radiation therapy sessions to shrink his tumour and help alleviate some of his pain, his family told the Cape Argus.

He is now being treated with cannabis oil and steroids to help lessen the swelling on his brain and increase his appetite.

With no idea how long he has, Shaunie’s family is focusing on making every day as special and comfortable as possible.

Family fundraises to make terminally ill son's dream come true

Family fundraises to make terminally ill son's dream come true

His uncle Juandre Botha has set up a BackaBuddy campaign to raise funds to buy a PlayStation 5 for Shaunie’s 12th birthday on March 9.

“One of Shaunie’s biggest dreams is to own a Playstation 5 so I’m humbly reaching out to anyone who might be in a position the help make my little nephew’s dream come true as this is a time-sensitive matter,” explains Shaunie’s uncle Juandre Botha.

“Due to all the medical bills, radiation and daily meds Shuanie’s on we simply can not afford one for him and we really only want the best for Shaunie as anyone would want for their family hence me reaching out trying to make a very special dream for an extremely special little man come true…”

Their target goal is R 12 000, and they have already smashed that. To date, they have raised R 15 809.32. All funds over the target will go towards some games headset or towards his medications and medical bills.

If you would like to keep up with Shaunie’s health journey, you can follow the family on their Facebook group: Shaunie Brainstem Glioma Fund

Picture/s: Shaunie Brainstem Glioma Fund


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