High cbd flower- can I drive the next day? : MedicalCannabisAus

Hey all, Just a quick question for the hive mind here.

I currently use medical cannabis for anxiety and back pain. I take cbd oil + smoke CC01 on the weekends because I drive for work all week (so I’m worried I’ll get picked up driving with thc in my system if I smoke mid week)

Lately, my cbd oil isn’t cutting it through the week. I still have anxiety at night and my back pain is lingering.

I was thinking of asking CDA for an additional flower script for EVE or a similar cbd flower to help me at night through the week, but if I smoke this will I still be unable to drive the next day? (Legally) Or as it’s a high cbd flower would I be good to go?

I’d love to hear anyone’s experiences with Eve and back pain + anxiety.

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