The Top 5 4/20 Bongs by Hemper!

With 4/20 rapidly approaching, why not get a head start preparing for the festivities? With online headshops popping up all over the place, it can be difficult deciding which can be trusted to provide quality glass paired with quality prices and shipping standards. That is where Hemper steps in. Most known for their popular Hemper Box smoker’s subscription box, Hemper also has a wide variety of glass offered in their online headshop. Check out the ones that stood out the most to us!

You don’t need to be an old school gamer to recognize where the inspiration for this bong comes from. If you or your friend are the gamer type, this bong would be the prefect addition to your collection. Add your flower to the piranha plant bowl and take your rip before it CHOMPS! ???? After one hit from this rig, you’ll be feeling like you have Super Star power for real!

The Hemper Gaming Bong

$53.99 $59.99

This stylish UFO-themed bong is an awesome tool if you’re trying to get to space fast. The dual chamber allows for double the cooling so the vapors are smooth when they reach you. The top chamber includes what could almost be considered alien technology that will spin the air into a vortex of tasty vapor, making for a flavorful abduction into your lungs. Caution: Taking rips from this guy are out-of-this-world!

The UFO Vortex Bong

$53.99 $69.99

This big-boy of a bong is for those tokers that hate the fierce burning that normal hits from the bong always entail. The Freeze Pipe Dual Bong has two different removable glycerin chambers and percolators that can be stored in the freezer until it is sesh time. Freezing these pieces before hitting from the bong will ensure that you will have the coolest and tastiest hit without the pain in the chest.

The Freeze Pipe Dual Bong

“I need a one dance

Got a Hennessy in my hand

One more TOKE ‘fore I go”

This one-of-a-kind Henny Bong is both high-class and unique. It is modeled after the classic Hennessy bottle and includes a showerhead percolator to guarantee hits as smooth as the cognac itself.

The Hemper Henny Bong

$53.99 $59.99

Last, but definitely not least is the stunning Gravity Hookah Bong by Stündenglass. Not only is it one of the most uniquely shaped pieces we’ve ever seen, it also has the best versatility that we know of. Made from high quality borosilicate glass and aircraft-grade aluminum, this piece can rotate 360° to let gravity do its job and present you with one of the smoothest hits. The complete set also comes with hookah attachments if that’s your kind of thing too!

Stündenglass Gravity Hookah Bong

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