High Purity Natural Products Now Manufactures All-Natural CBD Dip Pouches, Tea Bags

Over the past six months, High Purity Natural Products has taken up the challenge of incorporating pure CBD into a dip pouch. For those not familiar with the idea, dip pouches have been a trendy delivery vehicle for tobacco derivatives for decades. They resemble small teabags and work the same way.

As a delivery vehicle for oral CBD absorption, dip pouches are nearly perfect. Placed between the lip and gum, the pouches can be savored for up to thirty minutes on average. The CBD is slowly released from the dip pouch and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.


From the outside, the process of scaling dip pouch production seemed easy. It is not.

Sourcing the material for the pouch itself was the first step. The next step—learning how to fold and seal the pouches for sampling—was tricky. Finding a great-tasting combination of natural flavors and cannabinoids was the easiest part. Having made CBD tea products in the past, the company started with a similar recipe featuring pure isolate and mint flavor and expanded from there.

Once the flavor and cannabinoid blends had been locked in and a great-tasting sample had been created, the company prepared to overcome the next obstacle: mass production.

Tobacco dip products typically come in shallow, round tins containing fifteen to twenty pouches. With plans to fill orders for 1,000 tins, the company had to scale its manufacturing process, which meant rapidly adding more machine time.

High Purity Natural Products CBD dip pouches in tin mgretailer
(Image: High Purity Natural Products)

After a bit of research, the production team procured a machine specifically designed for the task at hand. They began test runs using cornmeal as filler. After much trial and error, the team discovered the combination of feed rate, bag material, cutters, and output rate that worked best in the situation.

With everything finally in place, it was time to try production runs. While not as tricky as the initial stages, the process contained its own set of challenges due to differences between the CBD product and the cornmeal used for calibrating the equipment. Machines can be fussy about that sort of thing.

Shaking out the kinks required about a week, but now the company can produce CBD dip pouches at scale with a large variety of cannabinoid and flavor options.

The twofer: dip it or dunk it

For the final test, the chief science officer assembled some tasting sample mixes utilizing the company’s pure isolate and natural flavors. As the samples passed around the office, team members quickly discovered another fun use for the dip pouches: dunking. More specifically, hot water dunking, as in using the pouches like tea bags to make a tasty CBD-infused hot beverage. Two dip pouches in a standard coffee cup of hot water, steeped like tea, worked perfectly.

High Purity Natural Products CBD dip pouches process mgretailer
(Image: High Purity Natural Products)

High Purity is accepting new contracts for the product and can supply white-labeled “house blends” with a variety of options. The company also can develop private-label items for those interested in proprietary products.

Product highlights:
  • Multi-use product: dip it or dunk it.
  • The dip products are vegan, non-GMO, and all-natural.
  • Pouches utilize 99-plus-percent pure CBD isolate.
  • The products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • They’re a safe alternative to traditional tobacco/nicotine dip and dip pouches, as CBD dip pouches contain no nicotine.
  • High Purity Natural Products is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to manufacture CBD products.

To learn more about adding CBD dip pouches to a product lineup, contact [email protected] or visit https://highpuritynaturalproducts.com/cbd-dip-pouches/.

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