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Alpinols, the expert for premium organic hemp extracts from Switzerland, launches an exclusively developed organic CBD product line in Europe together with Hollywood legend Tommy Chong


Tommy Chong, Grammy winner, cult actor, and cannabis activist – known, among other things, from Cheech and Chong as well as from the hit sitcom The Wild Seventies – in which Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher also starred – is creating three organic CBD products together with Alpinols that are just as legendary as Tommy Chong himself.

That is why they are called: The Legend – optionally with 10 per cent or 30 per cent CBD concentration including organic hemp seed oil as the carrier oil as well as water-soluble drops with turmeric and vitamin C.

Cannabis has changed my life! Many people can’t live for the moment or have anxiety. CBD helps put us in the moment and makes the anxiety go away,” said Tommy Chong.

Exclusively for Europe, Alpinols launches a select range of products consisting of one of its most potent CBD oils and new innovative compositions.

About Alpinols

From the field to the shelf, Alpinols organic CBD oils are sustainably grown, processed, and bottled in Switzerland. With more than 15 years’ experience in cannabis cultivation, CBD production at ALPINOLS is the perfect mix of tradition and modernity.

It combines hand harvesting with the most innovative CO2 extraction, allowing Alpinols to demonstrate an exceptionally high cannabinoid and terpene profile with purely natural ingredients from Switzerland.

Finest organic full-spectrum CBD Oils with the legal amount of THC, THC-free oils, cosmetics, and products for animals according to the highest organic guidelines are included in the Swiss company’s portfolio.

Alpinols does not use any foreign substances and analyses its products in-house and with an independent laboratory. Thus, Alpinols can guarantee consistency, transparency, and the highest quality. Alpinols CBD oils have been proven to have one of the highest terpene profiles for the plant’s full effect.

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