How to Roll a Joint (Instructions for Beginners)

What Are the Best Joint Rolling Papers?

Anything that feels good in your hand is what you should use, but for beginners some papers may be better than others. If just learning how to roll a joint we recommend looking for a rolling paper that’s a bit less, well, papery – Cheaper and less expensive brands are easier to tear and can have weaker glue, leading to a frustrating experience.

For the true beginner learning how to roll a joint, Raw brand papers are a recommended purchase – Made of natural, unbleached hemp Raw brand rolling papers hold their shape well and are often more resistant to tearing. A little pricier than, say, a pack of Tops, but worth it if setting out to learn.

Should I Use a Joint Rolling Machine?

Learning how to roll a joint with a roller machine is a cheap, simple way to crank out a large amount of fairly consistent smokes in a short amount of time. However cheaper machines can and will fall apart after repeated use, and relying on a rolling machine means you’ll need to carry one with you any time you think you might want a smoke. Rolling machines can be convenient when available, but ultimately we feel learning how to roll a joint by hand is a better long-term solution.

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