Medical marijuana needs to be legal — David Warshauer | Letters to the Editor

Gov. Tony Evers is again proposing legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. Because it is part of his budget proposal, he emphasizes the potential revenue benefits from taxation of sales. But another reason to legalize marijuana in Wisconsin is more important.

Marijuana helps relieve chronic pain and the debilitating nausea in patients receiving chemotherapy. Several million Americans rely on medical marijuana. If marijuana is reclassified as a Schedule II drug, more scientific studies could be performed to identify its potential benefits. A 2019 Marquette poll found that 83% Wisconsinites were in favor of medical marijuana, which is legal in 36 states.

It is time for the Legislature to recognize the need for medical marijuana and listen to the will of its citizens so that Wisconsinites will be able to receive the medical care they need. We should not have to go to neighboring states or online and face possible criminal prosecution to get the medical care we need.

David Warshauer, Middleton

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