Pets and cannabis-based treatment options

Pet owners have been looking into cannabis-based treatment options for their dogs and cats for years, but now, they can legally discuss it with their veterinarians thanks to a Michigan law passed in late 2020.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed Bill 5085 into law, making it legal for veterinarians to talk about cannabis-based treatments for pets with their owners. Previously, veterinarians could answer questions if directly asked, but could not recommend cannabis-based products.

“This is important legislation,” said Tim Duncan, DVM at Oakland Animal Hospital in Rochester and Michigan Veterinary Association board member. “We can now initiate these conversations with our clients.”

Duncan said cannabis-based products can help dogs and cats with ailments such as anxiety, seizures, arthritis and more. New Standard carries a variety of cannabis-based pet products with additional items coming in throughout the coming weeks. Pet owners are welcome to come in, ask questions and do their own research to find what is best for their furry friends.

Duncan is currently researching treatment applications for his patients. “I’m still looking at research. I’m very science minded and I’m always learning more. This legislation opens us up to be able to do more research and learn how these products can best help our pets” he said. The research on how cannabis-based treatments can help dogs and cats is limited, but this bill will open the pipeline for more studies, Duncan said.

Veterinarians are still prohibited from prescribing or administering cannabis-based products to pets due to federal laws. But that could change in the coming years, if cannabis is decriminalized federally.

CBD acts as anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing agents in people – and pets. As far as dosing cannabis for dogs and cats, the bud tenders at New Standard say to start small and start slow. New Standard works with veterinarians and can connect customers to one for more information.

Alex Schechter, a veterinarian who has been practicing in New York City and will be relocating to Birmingham in June adds “I have witnessed the positive impact CBD has had on my patients for years. It is great these products are now available in Michigan.”

New Standard carries tinctures and treats made specifically for dogs and cats. New Standard does not recommend using cannabis products made for humans for pets. New Standard has experts at its stores who specialize on cannabis products for pets!

“It’s an exciting time in veterinary medicine and CBD is at the forefront. Research continues to show the beneficial effects of cannabidiol with a variety of different medical conditions,” said Schechter. ” I’ve witnessed the positive impact with my patients and it’s great that these products are now available in Michigan.”

Howard Luckoff, CEO and Co-Founder of New Standard adds, “We are passionate about helping people find better health and wellness through cannabis and so this progression of being able to help people help their pets is amazing, too,” “We’re looking forward to a future with more options for people and their furry family members and plan to be at the forefront of this exciting development.”

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