The Best Edibles of 2021

Cannabis is quickly becoming big business. As legalization and relaxation of existing laws spread across the United States there have never been more options on how to consume your weed, and walking into your local dispensary can be an… overwhelming experience, to say the least. Even ignoring the multitudes of novel ways to smoke marijuana these days (shatter, wax, hash, pollen, and so on and so forth ad nauseam) the world of getting high from edibles is one filled with brightly colored packaging and a bevvy of buzzwords all likely to confuse and confound any newcomer.

But fear not! In today’s article we’ll be going over what our team of, shall we say, “seasoned experts” here on the High There! staff think are the best edibles on the cannabis food market. We’ll talk about what to look for when choosing the right edible for you, what a few commonly seen phrases mean, and even dip in to how easy and simple it can be to make your own cannabis-infused goodies at home. Let’s delve in.

Cannabis Edible Content: Finding What You Want

Putting aside the basic question of gummies vs chocolates vs beverages and the like, the most important question you can ask when finding the best edibles for you is “How high do I want to be?” For some the answer to this question might be “as high as I can get”, but for most of us, we’ll probably want to avoid shooting straight off into outer space with our first edible experience.

The amount of THC (and CBD) you’ll want your edible to contain can depend on a lot of factors, but we always recommend starting out with a low dose and working your way up to stronger highs if you need. This same advice applies equally to any non-THC edible treat, such as CBD gummies and the like; even though CBD lacks the psychoactive (IE: getting high) powers of certain other cannabinoids it’s important to know just how much you’re taking in a given edible.

Check for Allergies & Dietary Needs

Also make sure to look for labeling that marks dietary concerns. If you have nut allergies, gluten sensitivity, or maintain a vegan diet, make sure to check your edible’s packaging for information on its ingredients and how it was manufactured. If a food product meets any of these three criteria it’s likely to proudly display that fact on the wrapper, so a quick check should get you all the knowledge you need.

Full Spectrum, Single Source, or Generic THC?

Some edibles will feature extracts gathered from a single strain of cannabis, typically listing said strain on their packaging. These edibles are often made with what is referred to as “full spectrum” extracts, meaning the extract used to make the edible contains not only THC but the other cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant as well. These terpenes and cannabinoids are often what give each individual strain their unique effects and sensations, and can lead to very different experiences over simply consuming pure THC.

But yeah, yeah, enough of the boring stuff. Let’s get on to what everyone really wants to talk about: The best edible goodies you can (hopefully) find at your local dispensary. Here’s our official list:

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