The Best Strains For Stress & Anxiety

In our modern times, managing stress and anxiety is more important than ever. We live in an ever-shifting environment, with new causes for concern (or even outright panic) lurking around every corner.

Thankfully there is help in the form of cannabis. Used for years as a stress reliever widening acceptance and legalization of marijuana means there’s never been an easier time to self-medicate with cannabis for anxiety.

In today’s article we’ll be looking at what we feel are the best strains for anxiety – These cannabis strains are known by many to ease anxiety and stress, and are often prescribed to medical marijuana patients who need help relaxing from the world’s stresses.

Our list of the best marijuana strains for anxiety will hopefully help you find the relief so many need in today’s hectic, modern world. But first, let’s talk about how cannabis can help with the effects of anxiety, and help you manage symptoms such as racing thoughts, panic attacks, depression and more.

How Cannabis Can Treat Anxiety

Anyone who’s ever experienced a panic attack knows how terrifying they can be – Elevated heart rate, shortness of breath, a complete inability to focus on the here and now. The symptoms of anxiety can feel like an incoming heart attack, and for chronic anxiety sufferers, such as those with clinical depression or PTSD, every day can feel like a waking nightmare.

Enter medical marijuana. As we all know, different strains of cannabis will have different effects – From deep, stony couch-locks to buzzing, energetic highs, each different marijuana strain will have unique effects on the mind and body. Often these differences come down to the unique ratios of CBD to THC (and other cannabinoids) present in the particular strain as well as the terpenes (myrcene, lemonene, etc) present.

Though our definitions and understandings of “Indica vs Sativa” are somewhat murky at best, we can say that the majority of cannabis cultivars listed as “sativa strains” are usually known for having a lighter, less body-oriented high, while “indica strains” are typically sought out for their calming, sedating effects.

While both can be effective at managing anxiety our list is filled with indica-dominate marijuana strains for a reason. Though the psychoactive effects of sativas are generally uplifting and mind-oriented, these properties can lead to paranoia, depression, and other anxiety symptoms. Indica strains, on the other hand, are typically more calming and relaxing, working as effective anxiety relief by helping both the body and mind slow down and “smell the roses” a bit more easily.

And again, don’t discount the THC/CBD ratio in any given strain. CBD can help with physical issues such as muscle tension, inflammation, soreness and the like, but studies also show that CBD can help reduce THC’s active period, decreasing the length of time it can help you manage anxiety related symptoms. If unsure of the CBD to THC ratio in your chosen cannabis products make sure to ask – Most dispensaries will have that information readily available for customers.

Our List of the Best Strains for Anxiety

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