NAACP: brand new Jersey cannabis panel unlawful without a man that is black member

The New Jersey chapter of the NAACP is charging that the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission is technically illegal since none of its five appointed members are Black men.

The commission, which was completed Feb. 25, is made up of one Black woman, one white man, one white woman, one Latino man and one Latino woman, Gothamist reported.

But the absence of any Black men on the commission – which is tasked with regulating the state’s medical and adult-use marijuana businesses – prompted New Jersey NAACP attorney Gregg Zeff to write to state authorities that the panel fails to meet the state’s own criteria that are mandatory

State legislation calls for that the commission consist of at least one agent from a organization that is“national a stated mission of studying, advocating, or adjudicating against minority historical oppression,” Zeff noted in his argument that none of the members meet that requirement.

The president of the New Jersey NAACP, Richard Smith, said the commission should remove one of either the appointed people or include two more.

The Ebony girl regarding the commission – Dianna Houenou – can also be the chair that is commission’s

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