By: Delois Brown

<!– –> Updated June 2020: Last week Dr. Bronner’s announced that 100% of the USDA Organic hemp seed oil in our product line – that’s 30 metric tons annually – […]

Assist! Brown Spots on oldest leaves!

[ad_1] Hey guys! My small plant is now 12 days old. Expanding in a 2x2x4 box I constructed and painted white. Light: 32w Feit electric three spectrum LED (upgrading to […]

Black/brown leaf suggestions, enable

[ad_1] I’m expanding a plant in a space bucket I produced with four 25W cfl bulbs, and some of the leaves suggestions are turning black/brown mainly reduce leaves. I assume […]

Brown algae or root rot not confident

[ad_1] Not confident what this is if something operating RDWC roots are slightly brown no slime or smell operating present culture line ph is six.two water temp is 68 ph […]